Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Boerne Tx Shops

While we were walking around Boerne Tx this past Saturday looking at the different shops there (and there were lots), I found several that not only appealed to me from the outside but were equally as pretty inside too.  For me, if a shop is appealing from the outside I'm more likely to go in.  If they have windows and the displays don't draw me in, then there's a slim chance I'll go in.  I know I'm sure I'm missed visiting some really great shops, but I think if the owners don't take the time to draw me in, then there's probably not much I'll be drawn to inside. 

Here's one shop that caught my eye, Good and Co.:

Their windows were cute, simple, but appealing.

Here's the other side of the windows:

This was a tall screen they had proped up on a table:

Loved the signs at the check out counter:

I'm guessing they were French, but not sure.

A really tall screen:

A French book for you:

Their displays were well thought out and planned:

A cute bed by the window with a vintage ticking mattress:

The lady working said the owner used to set up at Round Top.  The shop is located at:  248 South Main Street, Boerne, TX, (830) 249-6101.

While walking down the street, I came across this shop:

Buy Buy Birdie Antiques

Isn't that a cute name and it looked so cute from the outside, but when I walked in the open door there was nothing.  The shop owner next door said the shop had closed.  This name sounds so familiar to me and I thought maybe the owner may have set up at one of the shows.  If you know what happened to this shop or if it moved, please let me know.  Boerne really is a cute town and it's filled with lots of shops.  We also found a really great place to eat Mexican Food, Mague's Cafe on N. Main, that yes had authentic Mexican Food with homemade tortillas.  You know my husband was loving this.  Tomorrow I'll take you to one more shop in Boerne. 

Here's a preview:

You'll be surprised what kind of shop it really is.


  1. great pictures, wished I lived closer adn could chck them out personally!

  2. I've always wanted to visit Boerne. Buy Buy Birdie was Diane (of Punkies Place fame) shop for years. It was featured in Southern Living and other mags over the years. She closed it about two years ago to branch out in new adventures. Good & Co. sounds familiar to me. Did you know the owner?

  3. SOMEDAY I'll make it out there and see the wonderful places you take us to! But if not, I am so glad for all that you share!

  4. looks like a cute place. thanks for taking us along.



  5. My sisters & I were in Boerne once & our favorite shop was Buy, Buy Birdie. She was very creative. Thanks for the tour -- makes me want to go back. Jan

  6. I so agree, it needs to draw me in, loved this shop, and I remember Boerne from 30 years ago, when there was nothing. I'd love to go back now! Hope you're having a good week, T.

  7. Oh, so beautiful Theresa! I would love to go inside this one =) Great goods for sure!

  8. You are so good at covering a story...I will diffidently keep Boerne Tx. in mind when we get back to Texas.

  9. I always LOVE seeing other shops. I enjoy seeing if styles and trends in Texas are the same as they are out here in California. I'm always workin so much, I don't even get to visit the shops not only where my store is in Old Towne Orange, but in Southern CA as well. I DO need to get out more!

    Take care, Sue

  10. great pictures!!

    everyone please check out and follow my blog!


  11. There are some great shops there. And I hate that I only seem to get down there about every 3 or 4 years. LOVED Buy Buy Birdie, hated that it closed down, found that out last time I was there. And was dreadfully saddened to hear about Vintage Bliss, as I loved her shop was well.

    yapping cat

  12. Looks like a good day... I love browsing through cute little shops...

  13. Theresa,
    You've got me drooling and screaming to Mr. M that we HAVE to go to Boerne!!

  14. Hi T!
    I'm so glad you did a post on this, Boerne often gets overlooked in favor of Fredericksburg. There are some great shops there.

    Now if we could just get Kerrville to get its shizz together and get some decent shopping (my booth would LOVE that)!



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