Friday, May 28, 2010

Day Dreaming

Do you ever wish
you could click your heels three times and
be transported to another place. 
Well, that's how I'm feeling today
It's Friday and Memorial Day Weekend is coming up
 and I so want to hit the junkin trail

Sometimes I wish the Canton Texas Flea Market was more than just once a month, or maybe that I lived closer and not almost 3 hours away and could go back several days in a row (like several of my friends do, you know who you are, don't make me say your names *wink*)

Anyways, can you tell from this picture just how much stuff there is at Canton and this doesn't even cover a fraction of just how big this place really is:

And, come next Thursday
 I'll be headed here
to shop to my hearts content.
 There is just mile after mile of the best stuff
 you could ever imagine you'd want to find and then some.

Or maybe I could go on a trip with these girls and be transported to Paris:

Oh to be in Paris in the summer!  If only I could be brave enough to get on an airplane.

Then, there's this place, just magical:

Gosh I so want to go shop here, really bad, did I say "really bad".  And, the sad (or good) thing is that my sister lives less than 2 hours from these guys and I can't for the life of me talk her into going.  She's says it's too far.  I guess she doesn't realize that I drive hours to go junkin. Of course, it has something to do with she's NOT into antiques.

Ok, moving right along.  I could be transported to this place too.  I mean it's the beach, who wouldn't want to spend a day collecting shells and sea glass:

And Sue Balmforth decorated this place, who wouldn't want to be here.  And, I must add if you live any where near Venice California and you've never been to her shop, Bountiful, all I can say is SHAME ON YOU!  What are you waiting for.  Go for me and then send me pics.  Her style is just timeless.

Here's Sue's place:

The pool is very inviting with the candles.

Even this area she decorated seems relaxing:

(source unknown)

What's your favorite place to go to escape or relax.  Do you have any plans this weekend.  My boys and girl will all be home, so I'm sure they'll be entertaining me.  We always have the best time. 

 Happy Friday and Memorial Day Weekend to you all!


  1. Hello my friend,
    You make me want to go to Canton. My sister lives pretty close by. One day I will have to fly in and go and hopefully bump in to you there.

  2. I love love some of your favorite places !! I want to be in any one of those right now :)

  3. Oh yes, Dreamland for sure.

    We too live just far enough away that it is NOT convenient to just "pop over" to Canton..and to have accomedations near there have to "know someone" I think.
    But one day ..we will go up early..and stay later and secure a room nearby so that we can go back several days too.

    But we are much closer to ROUND TOP, TX so I am not complaining too much.


  4. Those are some fantastic favorite places! It would be so nice to go there and have some fun! Or just be on the beach to relax!!

  5. I'd love to spend hours strolling any of these places. What wonderful places to get lost in. :)

    I haven't been to Canton yet.... but I do hope to go one day.

    I'm looking forward to attending the Texas Wine & Music Festival here in Austin.

    As far as relaxing goes... I love to visit my parents' little house near San Antonio. They live on a few acres and it is easy to sit back with a glass of lemonade and just let go.

    Hope you have a lovely weekend!



  6. {click} {click} {click} I should get some red glittery heels. My cheap-o flip flops just aren't doing the job.

  7. There's a hugh flea market this weekend about an hour and a half away. By flea market, I mean the kind with lots of socks, and sheets, but some vintage, too. I've been looking at a webcam picture, at the rain (100% chance of precipitation) , and wondering, really, if it's worth it. So I'm a little jealous of those shoppers in your photos!

  8. I've never seen these photos of Sue B's place. Isn't she amazing? I haven't seen recent stories on her shop either. Yeah that would be my number one pick and I've been there before! Oh well I guess I'll just have to poke around in the back yard this weekend. Hope you enjoy being with your kiddos! JQ

  9. Theresa, stop in and see us .. I won't be there until Sat, but Rod will be there and we have lots of new stuff and a new look .. I think you will like .. also, I found some more of those odd shaped paper lanterns in white that you got last time .. it's always fun Day Dreamin' with you .. thank you.
    love ya'

  10. Good places...I don't know why I always wait till it's this hot to get in the mood to go to Canton!! That is THE hottest place.
    Texans think differently of road trips, I think. We can travel 2 or 3 hours and just be a little ways down the road...anywhere else you would be in another state!! I'm going to California in a month or so...can't wait!

  11. my fav place would be there junkin' with you...



  12. There's no place like home, there's no place like home...however, Sisters' Garden is probably where I'll be when not at home, just the best stuff!!!

    Have a safe holiday T...the weather is perfect up here in anyway...Ha!


  13. I soooo want to go to Canton!
    It's not fair (down on the floor pitching a fit right now)! ;-)

    Have a blast!


  14. Have a wonderful holiday weekend and hope you finds lots of goodies at Canton....blessings

  15. Great Pics......I REALLY wish I had that bowl of peaches right now!! My sweet grandson Kyan, his mommy and our son Dustin are all here for the weekend, so no JUNKIN for me.....we will be hanging by the pool, grilling out and just hanging out.......then I will be Really busy for 2 days getting packed for Canton!! I just wish it would cool off a lil bit!! Maybe come October!! Have a safe weekend and we will see ya in Canton....Cathy "Girls Gone Junkin"

  16. I am going to Canton, too! I can't will be my first time. I am hoping to see Laurie Anna and Troy. Oh, and guess what...I am scared to fly too, but I did it last December to go to Portland and I got to meet the BH boys and so many great girls. It was so worth it! I am making plans right now to try and go back in July for the BH Flea....we should go! I am still scared, but don't want to miss out. You could do it...just pray, that's how I did it. :)

    We could hold each other's hand on the plane! LOL!


  17. Loved your photos/post, especially your own peaches in your header.

  18. Adrienne, your comment was so sweet about flying. Maybe one day I'll get the nerve too and you better believe there'd be some serious praying going on :)

    Happy Memorial Day to you all.

  19. Oh Theresa, I love ALL of these places girl!!!! I have loved Sue's style from the beginning of time, can you believe how gorgeous she decorated Whoopie Goldberg's home??? I really don't go anywhere but Tracey of A Cottage Industry has invited me to fly up and help her with her space at Barn House in July...I'm making a little artwork to sell too! I can't EVEN believe it....but am so, so thrilled. I hope you have the most wonderful weekend sweet friend, hugs and love, Dawn

  20. okay, i'd go any of those places! they all look fun & fantastic! have a great holiday weekend with your family!

  21. Hi Theresa,

    Do you have a really great place that you can recommend for me and my family to stay at in or near Canton?



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