Monday, May 03, 2010

Events this week

There are several events this week that you don't want to miss if you are any where in Texas.  The first one I want to mention starts on Thursday evening in Dallas Texas and that's Portia and Gina's Garden Sale.  Their event is on May 6th from 6:00-8:00 pm and May 7th from 10-3.  We went last year and found some great things.  Check out Gina's post she did last year so that you can get an idea of what you might find here.

Here's Portia's backyard where the sale is held.  Isn't it pretty and it's so much prettier in person:

Contact Gina here for more info. or directions.


The next event is the Homestead's Spring Antique Fair which is located at 100 N. Elm in Hico Texas.  It starts on Friday, May 7th and they will have Early Preview starting at 9am, $5.00 admission, or you can just wait until 10:00 am to get in for free.  It will continue on Saturday as well.   This would make a nice outing for Mother's Day weekend

There are some awesome vendors that will displaying their things at this show and here's just few of my friends that will be here:
☼  Micki & Brandy of Accumulations ~ Austin
☼  Felica Blair of Bountiful ~ Ft. Worth 
☼  Amy of Bloom & Bee Swanky ~ Waco
☼  Linda of Willow Nest Farms ~ Burton
☼  Gloria of Sweet Pea's ~ Athens
☼  Denis of Ruby Grace ~ Ft. Worth

Here's the complete list of vendors:

They will also have two chefs making crepes, sandwiches, soups and salads. Click here for the details.  There are some really great antique shops here that you can also check out.

Here's one of the shops that caught my eye the last time we were there:

It was all in white tones.  It's a pretty town and worth going to at least once to see it.  Have a great time if you go. 

Be sure and check back for my post on the upcoming HEAP show.


  1. Hi, Theresa

    Sounds like a wonderful show coming up. I am hoping that you might know someone who has been to Brimfield and might know of where to stay with such a late start to making a reservation. My best friend and I decided on a whim to go next week. We've never been and could sure use some help. Perhaps some of your lovely readers might be able to help a couple of Texas gals out in our search.


  2. HI! So wonderful to have internet connection and catch up on your pic's!
    Your husbands bike and your iron stone bed sure gave me smiles!
    And I loved your dispay, I got it right away...big smile!

    Huge thank you for liking my crew (dogs) and their tornado training!

    Cheers and happy hunting & selling!

  3. Huge thank you for liking my odd crew (dogs) and their Tornado training!

    So wonderful to having Internet connection to catch up with your wonderful pictures.

    So lovin your ironstone bed and husbands bike!

    Happy hunting & selling!

  4. Theresa,

    I hope to see you at the Homestead Spring Antique Fair this weekend!


  5. Hi Theresa!
    Oh, what I wouldn't give to be in Hico!

    Thank you as always for bringing us the best of the best.

    Have a wonderful week!

  6. All wonderful shows coming up, if I were only in Texas! Thank you for sharing...I love the Step Into Spring postcard - too clever. hugs - julie

  7. Hi Theresa!

    Lots of great events going on! Wish I could go to them all! :)


  8. Thanks for the update T, I'd love to one day get to the Homestead show!

  9. Wish I could go, but can't wait to see the pics. BTW your displays are AWESOME!! You really leave the rest of us in the dust with your creativity!!

  10. Hey Theresa
    There are so many wonderful sales this weekend that I would love to go to! I was really going to try to make the Hico sale since I know so many of the vendors. However, I will probably be stuck to the wood floors while dissolving and scraping the adhesive ~ yeah I mean it ~ I mean literally STUCK!
    Have fun and have a wonderful sale!


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