Monday, May 10, 2010

Hico Vendor's

 You've seen the preview of who all was there and I know you want to see more.  It really seemed like a great show, there were so many people there and I was wishing I had been able to go out on Friday since the booths I stopped at seemed picked over.  Here's what was left when I was there on Saturday:

Let's start off with Mickie and Brandy's space.  I know while talking to several of my friends there, they were wanting to construct walls for the show and I think several of them used some cleaver ideas to do this.  Mickie used burlap that was applied to wood and old steel bed springs for a partial wall.  Love that she hung ironstone plates on it.

I could tell they had sold good because their booth was pretty empty.  If you know them, they can pack it in.  I still managed to find a few treasures with them.  As a reminder, they will continue their Accumulations Vintage Home and Garden Fair again in October, tentatively around the weekend of Halloween.  So please keep watching for details.  Their show will again be in Driftwood.

Next, we saw Denis of Ruby Grace:
I loved what he did in this display.  You can't go wrong with clocks and Raindeer moss.

He had so many fun things in his booth:

This was the new vendor, Brenda I had mentioned from the previous post:
Her booth was so interesting.  Such pretty handmade things.

Here's more of her booth:
She said she's located in the Homestead store in Fredricksburg and no she doesn't have a website.

Moving on to Linda's booth:
There's Ludmil, hard at work.

Of course Linda had pretty things:

I had to include this picture of the walls that Ludmil builds and brings to the shows:
Aren't they fabulous.

Next, I stopped by to see Amy of Bloom and Bee Swanky:

She had such pretty mannequins that she said had hats and other things which all sold the day before.

Look at this wonderful table she had:
With her signature candles on it.  They smell so wonderful, espcially the lemon grass one.

Here is Gloria of The Sweet Pea's booth:
She's now carrying beautiful linen clothes, which can be found in Winnie and Tulula's in Athen's.

She had pillows piled in a daybed:

The Winnie & Tulula crew are having a sale on June 5th at the store.  Be sure and check out the details on their blog.

Next up was Dorthy of The Shabby Y's booth:
She had such interesting displays.  Lamps that were recreated from slips and cups and different things.

Here's another great idea:
Repurposed broches that now hang on pearls, so pretty.

 If you were looking for pearls, she had them:

Finally, I stopped back at Felecia's booth:
Look how pretty her booth looks.

She was set up with her sister-in-law Mandy of A La Parisiene:

In case you don't know, Felecia makes the most pretty things, pillows, cones, and many other things:
Wasn't that a great trophy.

Look at this beautiful cone:

My final destination was the Hico Store:

Such interesting displays:

Pretty things were everywhere:

I'm always drawn to flags:

They previously had the white store that I mentioned in the post about Hico, but was told they've closed that store.  Hope you enjoyed the tour and will plan to come out to their next event in October.  If you want to see more of the displays, click here.


  1. LoVed the chippy table/cabinet in Bloom & Bee Swanky's Booth... OMG!!! So INSPIRED by Felicia's draping of fabric with the chandelier focal point!!! Thanks for the pics Lisa... Jeanine, ChiPPy!-SHaBBy!

  2. loved looking at all the beauties! I would also love to invite you to be part of my giveaway!

  3. Always amazed at how much you get done each week, thanks for coming our way and for the kind words,glad you got a good photo of Ludmil, he is so talented and does so much, and often gets overlooked, so thanks for the great tribute to him, as well as me... Love Linda

  4. Hi Theresa,

    I didn't know of another way of contacting you. I just want to introduce name is Tonna and I'm the owner of george and bessie. I sell vintage baby and children's items. I have a website and I'm on twitter and facebook as well. I also just started a blog. I'll be doing my first show this fall at Marburger and I'm pretty nervous about it!! Excited, but nervous. I have been following your blog for a long time and hope to make it to your blog party in September. Anyway, I'd love for you to take a look at george and bessie and if you have any advice for the show this fall, I'm all ears!!!

    Take care,

  5. Wow, what a wonderful show. I love how everything is becoming a gallery on the go. Those flags but especially that trophy. The BEST. SEa Witch

  6. Oh my! I love the displays, I so wish I was there with my wallet!

  7. Lovely presentations .. would be fun to shop there.

    Have a wonderful week.
    TTFN ~ Hugs, Marydon

  8. I love everything, especially those all white booths!!!

  9. Wow Theresa, you've done it again!
    I can always count on you to have the best pics from all the best shows!


  10. it's all fantastically arranged!! it takes a lot of creativity, time and energy to complete looks like that I'm
    thank you for sharing all those pictures...with my sale coming up I'm drawing a lot of inspiration from Texas it seems

  11. OH WOW! Your pic's are making me soooo want to be there! You have such an eye in taking pictures! Eyecandy for sure!


  12. Your photo's are great!! I went but forgot to take my camera! It was a really wonderful show, with great dealers. Theresa thanks so much for your sweet comment on my new website! Blessings~~~Daphne

  13. What a wonderful surprise to see you at Hico this weekend. I got your message and totally understand about a hungry husband. We had such a great time at the show and learned so much. Thanks for the advice you gave. I have already started thinking about what to do for the fall Hico show!

  14. great pics! looks like funfunfun!

  15. Hi Theresa, you are so right, it's exactly the same! I just love mine, I knew it was a repro, but such a cool one! Such great photos. Love all the great displays, I would just love to see it all in person. Thanks again, for the great post on the Seed Box, I really appreciate you being so generous,

  16. Always a TREAT!! Please come over and meet Jacqueline, the editor of Romantic Homes Magazine, she has a blog, too. xoxo Lidy

  17. Hi Theresa! The displays at that show are GREAT! I wish Texas was a bit closer. Thanks for sharing. And for visiting earlier also. Have a good week...Julian


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