Friday, May 14, 2010

Urban Market starts Saturday

The Urban Market Show in Houston Tx starts tomorrow, Saturday, May 15 from 4-6pm with early buying admission is $25, but on Sunday it's only $5.00  There are going to be several of my friends there and I so wish I were going but it looks like it won't work out for me to go.  Here's just a partial list of who you'll find there:

Hope the weather holds up for them and they all have a great show.


  1. Alas and alack...I won't be able to attend either. Is starting on Saturday a new thing?

  2. Who knew there were so many shows??? And you know them all. We are having a family reunion this weekend or this would certainly be worth the trip. Have a great weekend.

  3. WOw- you have amazing stuff- and style- look forward to following you for more-
    all the good sales are in Tx- just too far for this calif. girl
    so jealous-


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