Monday, July 19, 2010

Shopping in McKinney

If you haven't been to McKinney Texas in a while it's well worth you checking it out again or if you've never been, you have to plan a trip really soon.  There is so much going on in McKinney and when we were there this past Friday it was super busy.  There were people everywhere.  In case you didn't know, McKinney was recently voted by Money Magazine as the top #5 place to live in America out of 100.  And it's no wonder they were given this nomination.  When we drove through the beautiful neighborhoods we were just in awe at all the beautiful vintage homes that were just on the main street. 

Our main reason for going to McKinney was to visit Patina Green's Home and Market.  I can tell you I was super impressed with just how beautiful the shop was furnished and the food was just over the top good.  I can't wait to go back and eat there again.  I had one of the freshest salads and tomato tart that was on this really great bread that filled me up for the entire day.  I also had a really good refreshing drink.  On the label it said fresh fruit juice mixed with sparkling water and lime.  And I also had to try the homemade salsa and chips they had.  I'm so super particular about my salsa.  Well, I tried it and I can tell you it was really good on homemade corn tortilla chips.  Just like the ones my husband makes.  I can't brag enough about how good the food was, but that's what they are all about, fresh ingredients bought from the farmer's that morning and then prepared fresh that day.  They don't have a set menu so their choices are constanting changing depending on what they can get in fresh.  I love this idea!  You really have to try it for yourself.  There aren't many tables to sit at but we joined a couple and had a great conversation.  Nancy of Ella Elaine met me there and I had a great time visiting with her.  Let's take a look inside Patina Green:

Click on the slide show to see more of Patina Green Home and Market:

From there Nancy and I left and she showed me around the Antique Company Mall.  I also saw her friend Eileen and several others in the shop. They seem just like they are one happy family there. I was so busy visiting and seeing all the great things that I didn't even take pictures, but you can check out Nancy's blog for some great ones. I'll have more news to share with you about this shop really soon. It was so great getting to visit with her. Let's do this again real soon Nancy.

My last stop of the day was at Smitten. I didn't have much time to shop there but will definately come back here really soon too. Here are a few shots that I took:

Stay tuned for my next post on Wednesday and what shop I'll feature for this.  Hope you all have had a great day.


  1. wow- you are a constant source of inspiration! I always leave ready inspired and I thanks you for that- gorgeous pics!!!


  2. Theresa, thank goodness for you. I co not get around to visit other stores. I see them through your visits. It is so much fun. I only wish there were more photos and that I could taste the wonderful lunch. What is a tomato tart??? never heard of that...Hugs, sandi

  3. You know I was born and raised there...class of '69!
    Their shop is stunning. Love the alcove photo.

  4. sounds like a funfun excursion! your meal beats the heck-outta my boring chicken dinner!

  5. You find some of the best shops...and Happy Anniversary!

  6. What beautiful shops these are!Thanks for the show--Jacqueline

  7. What a wonderful description! Will be in Dallas for market in Jan. and will be sure to put aside some time for McKinney! Thanks.

  8. Thank you for sharing these beautiful addresses .Your slides are very inspiring


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