Wednesday, July 14, 2010

White Wednesday in Burton

As promised from my last post, I wanted to show you Linda's shop.  And since it's also another one of Kathleen's White Wednesday, I thought combining the two would work well for today. 

When you walk into her shop, the first thing that you see are these beautiful French beds that have such beautiful details.  As you look all around, you see her handmade items and the some of the most beautiful cabinets and marble tables and aprons that she's made from old night shirts.  You definately want to spend time looking at all the pretties there.  Hope you enjoy viewing her shop:


Here's More:

Again, Picasa Web has not been kind to me. I've exceeded my limit and I'm having to use a different program to load my pics.  You can't view them by clicking on them, sorry about that.  I'll have to go out and delete more pictures or posts to load more pictures.  So Sue I understand your frustration.

Be sure to visit Kathleen's blog for all the other's that are participating with her posts.  Happy Wednesday.


  1. pI kept clicking and clicking but I couldn't get these beautiful photos to enlarge. I kept getting an error notice from Photobucket. So I grabbed my trusty magnifying glass and enjoyed them that way.

  2. Good Morning Theresa! I love your new header, such a dreamy bed... excuse the pun! Thank you for always sharing these beautiful photos of the shows that are too far away for me to attend, they are so inspiring. I love to see just how beautiful everyone's spaces are. Theresa

  3. Gorgeous photos, T. I'll do like Becky and grab the magnifying glass, They definitely need to be studied!

  4. As always, you take pictures of the most AWESOME stuff! The easy way to fix the "problem" with the pictures is just to "give in" and buy some more space! As soon as I did that, the problem was SOLVED!! But don't you think its interesting it happened to both of us at the same time? Meaning, did they do this to everyone to make some extra $$$?

    Take care, Sue

  5. Hey T! The shop looks very pretty. Oh no you mean I have a problem down the road with picasa? Have you tried picnik?



  6. It's always fun to see shops through your eyes that I can't get to myself! Thanks for your work "out in the field"! You're a good traveler--nice White Wednesday to you! Jacqueline

  7. Those beds are just amazing. I love the whole look going on there.
    Shops like these is why I want to open my store, it is just so sweet and cute.

  8. Using the ctrl and + keys worked for me....the shop is SO stunning!! Love the beds! Thanks for sharing what we would not otherwise get to see!!!

  9. What a gorgeous shop Linda has!!!
    Full to the brim of great stuff.
    I LOVE your header. That headboard is soooo awesome.

  10. Theresa, thanks for the great exposure,the shots of our store and the show have been lovely..if anyone can resolve tech... issues it is you..

  11. Looks like a lovely shop to spend some time in. I don't know them personally, but I think they used to live in Oregon for a while.

    Take care and I hope you are enjoying Summer so far.


  12. Love to shop there -fun and treasures.

  13. Love to shop there-what fun and treasures.


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