Wednesday, August 11, 2010

45 Days & Counting

There is a lot going on today for me to do several posts in one day, but I just wanted to remind y'all (not that you really need one) that we are 45 DAYS away from my Blog Party.  We are actually a lot closer than that to being at the WORLD's best and bigest Antique Shows around or at least in Texas.  So, please mark your calendars for Sunday, September 26 at 6:00 pm, my booth at Zapp Hall in downtown Warrenton Texas.

I know you want to know who all will be there.  I'm so excited that Carolyn Westbrook will be there signing her new book ~ And I can tell you from the preview it's one awesome book:

Carolyn will also be at The Marburger Farms show signing books.  You don't want to miss this opporutunity to own another one of her great books, they've all been wonderful and one that you'll refer to over and over for inspiration.  I know that I have at least with all her other books that I own.

Secondly, I've invited Jill from Gypsy Brocante to come and sell some of her newest items.  I think she's going to surprise us with what she's bringing, it could be her altered art necklaces or rosette's but it really doesn't matter because all she does is great.  She's only going to the at the shows selling her things for THIS ONE DAY at my booth so you don't want to miss out (of course the rest of the time she'll be shopping).  And, if you were in attendance at last Spring's blog party, there's the chance you may have received one of her rosette's in your goody bag that Polly of Counting Your Blessings sent us.  Jill had created a special rosette for me for the party and I just loved it.


Now, speaking of Polly, she's going to be at the Blog Party too!!  Yes she is.  She's bringing these awesome goody bags and will be handing them out in person.  I'm so excited that all these great girls are coming out.


Now, what's missing?  Well, YOU of course.

During the last blog party, we had a contest to see who could make the cutest name badge and after everyone voted TOT won that giveaway.  So, I thought I would make another fun challange for this party and took my idea from Deb's suggestion that Amy of Whisperwood Cottage does at her blog parties. 

Okay, here's your fun challange: 

I'm asking that if you are planning on coming to the blog party to please bring a some type of finger food.  It can be sandwiches or dip or chips or a desert and your challange is to bring it in the most unual dish you can find or put together.  Like this one:

Now, if you still want more ideas, check out Amy's post here.  The one that brings their food in the most unique dish wins the prize.  You all will be the judges.  Thanks Deb for the suggestion.   


  1. You're most welcome, but you didn't specify whether it had to taste good or not!
    I'm so excited about Carolyn and Jill. I have Carolyn's books and I treasure them. Check out the prices on her previous books on ebay...they only go up in value!
    Jill's designs are so unique, I'd be willing to bet she sells out.
    This is going to be the best party ever and yippee...Polly's coming! Is her cutie patootie hubby coming with her?

  2. I SO wish I was the second one to RSVP on your blog party list! One day I have promised myself I will be there. But until then, it is still fun to read your blog and keep up on it all! Thanks for letting me participate that way!

    Take care, Sue

  3. Theresa...OMG, It is shocking that it is only 45 days away! SHOCKING!
    Great post. I am looking forward to making it this year! Crossing my fingers & toes!

  4. Thanks for the mention, Theresa! The Junk Potluck that we have is a blast. I love to see the creative projects that people create to serve their food. It makes for a great tablescape!!

    Everyone is welcome to join us at Junkologie Blog Party 2010 coming up August 20 in Oronoco, MN. More info here...

    I've managed to make it to two of your blog parties so far, and they are so fun! I'll be there if I can!! :)


  5. So sad...I missed the spring party two years ago by a day and I so want to go. Won't happen this fall, but I'm planning for spring :) Have fun (as I'm sure you will)!


  6. Well I RSVP, but I don't see my link? I probably didn't do it right! But you know for sure I will be there!

  7. Thank you Theresa, I can NOT wait to get to Texas and your blog party, I'm so looking forward to meeting you and ALL of those blogfamous gals down South!

    I'll be loading up my suitcases with jewels,dresses,rosettes,scarves,bags... all sorts of gypsy goodies!

    Counting down the days ....

  8. This sounds like so much fun!! I wish I could come. Maybe......
    Otherwise, I will just have to live vicariously through you. You do such a great job posting about all these wonderful events in Texas, I feel as though a little piece of me is there with you.

  9. Unfortunately, I won't be at the blog party this year. But I *will* see you the next week!

    Y'all have a blast, it sounds wonderful!


  10. Jill is such a wonderful gal! And so talented...and pretty! I'd so love to be there! Great party idea, no telling what will show up! ha ha!

  11. Hi Theresa this is my RSVP....I am so excited! Lined up my plane tickets, got my time off of work, so starting to feel real! Jill and I and my beautiful daughter will be traveling we'll see you there!!!

  12. oh we went last year to Warrenton last fall .......I so wish I was going again this year. I will live vicariously thru you...I can't wait to see all your great photos!

  13. I can't wait for the blog party, to meet all my "bloggy friends". See you there. And thanks for becoming a follower!

  14. Sounds like a FABULOUS line up girl...I can't wait!!!!

    How can we beat TOT this year???
    my mind is smoking!

  15. Dear Theresa, Thank you for the invite. there will be three of us coming. Cindy , Charlotte, Nancy thanks Again Cindy clark

  16. Dear Theresa, we look forward to coming to your blog party. There will be three of us coming... Cindy , Charlotte, Nancy Thank you Cindy Clark

  17. I am soooooo there friend & thank you soooo much for all your wonderful suggestions. I changed my dates cuz I don't wanna miss your party or the prom...I can't wait, now what to make in a motel & I'll have to find something fabulously gaudy to bring it in!!!
    So excited Teresa & I'll get to meet Jodie too...this is going to be the best!!!
    Texas or Bust,

  18. I finally just booked my plane tickets today and I can't wait to come to Texas again! My daughter Elizabeth is coming with me and we will both be at the blog party...looking forward to seeing you again!
    xo suzanne duda

  19. thanks sooo much for all the information!! Looking forward to first time!! Cant wait!! All your great post are making me even more excited!!!!

  20. Hi Teresa, I don't have a blog yet, but my girlfriends and I (5 of us) are coming all the way from Canada to Marburger this Sept. We are so excited. I have been following along for some time now and want to visit your booth. We are staying Wakefield Farms in Chappell Hill.It was all I could get booking 8 months ago!! If you have any tips for us please let me know, warmest regards, Nella

  21. Howdy!
    Heard about the blog party from Jill, hope it's not too late to rsvp? I'm a somewhat new "blogger", but I most definitely would love to attend and meet so many fabulous women!! So excited about the show....cannot WAIT for all the shopping and the PARTIES!!! Whoo hoo!!! =)

    Hope you're havin a great weekend!

  22. Hi Dear sweet T.
    I made last minute, plane, truck and room reservations...all the stars aligned, and I will get in just in time for the blog fest!
    I hope to be able to bring some treat of twinkies count?? I think that will be all the time I will have to grab something at a gas station !

  23. Thank you so much for the invitation, I'm thrilled to be coming!!

  24. I read and search blogs every day. I am excited to be going to Texas from Arizona and hope to meet some of my favorite bloggers.

  25. I am so excited for the fall show that I can hardly stand it!!!! I tried to link, but it wouldn't let me! Can't wait to see you in a few days! :)

  26. Amy: I didn't realize the link had closed, so I reopened and added your name.

    I'm so excited for those of you that have signed up and are coming. I can't wait to see you all.


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