Sunday, September 12, 2010

10 Days & Magnolia Pearl

We are 10 days away from preview weekend starting.  For this countdown, I wanted to show case one vendors that can be found at The Marburger Farms Antique Show and that is Robin and John's company, Magnolia Pearl. Women are lined up on opening day to get into her booth and I've seen them literally running for her booth. Then, it's just packed all day long with girls trying on her bit of heaven designs.  These clothes are just so beautiful and the detail that goes into her creations are just timeless. You can wear them each season. Enjoy her creations:

Ruffles, who doesn't love ruffles.  This is just gorgeous.

I think this one has to be my favorite. 

(All photo's: Magnolia Pearl)

Of course, I also love the opportunity to see Robin's place.  It's equally gorgeous.  Maybe I'll see you at Marburger or the shows.  It won't be long.


  1. Those are sooooo caaauuuute, sugar!!! Where do you get them? I want one for my granddaughter.

  2. I adore MP wear... so comfortable, I wear her bloomers all the time. I only wish Robin was still making her amazing bags... I have a collection of them and they are each so unique and an amazing work of fabric Art. It inspired me to begin working with wearable fabric Art so that I wouldn't wear the pieces out that I had acquired of hers... at least my own creations, if worn out, I can make another. *wink* Family and Friends also adored my MP Bags so much that it was nice to make something that I knew they would appreciate and enjoy... though mine can't hold a candle to Robin's, its still so much fun to utilize vintage fabrics and antique Bohemian jewelry in such useful ways. Sure wish I could attend the show... perhaps in Spring... definitely on my 'Bucket List'.

    Dawn... The Bohemian

  3. Drool! I am drooling all over my laptop! I can't believe that the time is catching up with me and I can't believe you are all packed up and ready! Last minute me! Looking forward to fun days ahead!


  4.'ll be seeing me friend & I too can't wait to get a chance to get into Magnolia Pearl! I'd love to buy a top, but we'll see if they even fit once I get there. lol
    I'm excited about your blog party & can't wait to see your wares & meet you. What an adventure...TEXAS!!!

  5. Your blog posts are making my heart ache! I SO want to be there, and so does my boy Bryce! I'm hoping I can afford to come in the Spring. Do me a favor? I told Tim (you can't miss him with his hair) that I must have a picture of him WITH Malisa in her photo booth. Do you think you can help me out? Thanks.

    Take care, Sue

  6. Her clothes are amazing. I always look forward to your pictures of her tent. She's such an artist. Jan

  7. ~*~* So romantic and lovely..she is so talented~*~*

  8. I get excited too. Because even tho going may be out of the question I get to tag along with you as you share all of the beauty of the show.
    Did you tell me that you stay at an RV park. What is it's name. One day I will get my honey to go or better yet I will find a small trailer and haul my own tail there. It is sure on my bucket list!

  9. I adore Magnolia Pearl's work. Gota agree, the black is too lovely for words. SEa Witch

  10. Her clothing is amazing and while her models look gorgeous in one wears Magnolia Pearl quite like Pearl herself.

  11. Robin is a wonderful artist, what she makes out of all that beautiful's gorgious!
    I wish I had some of her clothes to feel femine too!

  12. I want one of everything you've shown here!!!! I am hoping I get to come to the show. Charlene

  13. Ohhh what fun !!
    I know it will be a blast
    as it always is ~
    I am dying to go to
    Magnolia Pearl someday
    soon !
    Next time !!!


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