Friday, September 10, 2010

12 Days on a Vintage Friday

Here we are at 12 days out before the shows start, it's Friday and time for another one of Debra's Vintage Friday's post.  Can you belive how fast time is flying by?  For this post, I wanted to feature friends that are at other shows so that you can see all their vintage displays and hopefully find them during the shows:

Camille and Alison, who are sisters, are all located at The La Bahia Antique show, that's just of Hwy 290, about a mile as you turn onto Hwy 237.  This show opens on Sept. 25:

You can also find Linda Gregory at this show.

Melonie and Brian of The Seed Box Antiques will be located outside of the Cole's Antique Show:

These friends will be at the Marburger Farms Antique Show, which opens on Tuesday, Sept. 28:

Janet of Talk Sweet Talk is moving to Marburger this year and she'll be in one of the little houses there on the property.

TOT of Time Worn Interiors

Shelley of Sweet Pea

Laurie of Chippys


Robin of Magnolia Pearl

Judy of JHill Designs

Mo of Rubbish

Peg of French Vanilla will be in a new spot this year, she'll be at Bar W Field in down Warrenton:

She said she'll be located on the main road as you drive in.

Rene is also located at Bar W:

She's located down from the porta-potties.

Christie is located in the field next to Zapp Hall, Sommerplace Field:

I don't have a picture of Sue's booth but she's located in The Tin Star Field, between Zapp Hall and Bar W.

Jill Suzanne is located at Little House on the Hill show:

She has the best smelling candles.

Vicki who owns the Texas Rose show, located across from Marburger, always has some of the pretties displays:

Be sure and look for Hector and Susie and Leanne of The Vintage Laundress is there as well.

Gloria is located at The Gin:

Be sure and check back soon for the vendors that you can find at Zapp Hall.  We will have one vendor MIA but she'll still be there to check on ya!  Also, be sure and visit Debra today for her Vintage Friday post.


  1. You are SOOOOO making me wish I could be there. Not this year but I am hell bent and determined to make it soon. Question- is the spring show as good as the fall or do you like the fall one better?
    thanks for all the links- you are awesome.

  2. ~*~*I LOVE that cabinet in the last photo!! I so wish I could be at the sale!Have a wonderful weekend!~*~*Rachel:)

  3. Oh my is such torture to not be able to get to the show....I really hate to miss it AGAIN, and miss out on meeting everyone, but I will be anxiously awaiting your pics and stories. Hope you have a wonderful show!

  4. Theresa, the photos of everyone's spaces are really great. I clicked on your slideshow, Wonderful Inspiration out there! Thanks so much for taking the time to post for VIF!! I'm counting the days too to see all the fabulous-ness!
    love ya,

  5. I would be a mad woman in there ...

    Have a wonderful PS weekend.
    TTFN ~Marydon

  6. Wow! I sure would love to live closer so I could go shopping there! Great eye candy!


  7. I love all the displays. I think that is what draws me into photos is to see who differently people set up their displays! Thanks for the eye candy!

    Take care, Sue

  8. Gee, I wonder who is going to be missing from the Zapp Zoo Mafia!
    See you in less than two weeks...countdown time!

  9. I would love to visit that show...the pics are so wonderful! Thanks so much for giving a glimpse of what is there- I'll have to figure a way to get there next time!!
    Found you through Debra's VIF!
    Now a follower...
    Take Care

  10. Someday...maybe ...I'll be able to go to this show. Until then...thanks for the pics and I can't wait to see more as the show unfolds!

  11. I know that YOU know, I'll be there is spirit.

  12. thanks for the mention my friend. can you believe it, I'll be seeing you in a week and a half.



  13. How very informative....yet yet another year has gone by, and still, we have not made it to Texas...
    What a wonderful thing you did for everybody that you posted about!

  14. I'm still trying to figure out which day or days I'll be much busy-ness what with moving and all, but I absolutely plan on coming at LEAST one day!


  15. thanks for the mention, friend! it's always appreciated! see you so-so SOON!

  16. LooooooVE this!!!!JuST seeing all these pics gets us all giddy inside!!! can't wait to see everybody! XOXXOX! the junk gypsies


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