Friday, September 17, 2010

5 DAYS!! & It's Vintage Friday

Today is Friday and if this isn't enough to get you excited then maybe this will.  If you are coming out to the biggest Antique shows this side of the Hill Country, that would be in Round Top, Warrenton, Carmine, Shelby, Fayetteville and all the other small towns that have antique shows, YOU ARE 5 DAYS AWAY from shopping until your feet are black (brownish dirty okay) from being out in the fields all day, your body will be tired, but you'll have had more fun than the law should allow (As Deb would say)!!

And it's also another one of Debra's Vintage Inspiration Fridays.  I wish I had time to go through my stock pile of so many pics that I have but I'll be busy packing up the rest of my things for the show.  Besides, you've probably seen them all anyways, but if you haven't, and you are curious just look through my entire blog (you'll be here all day) but this should keep you busy!

I snapped this shot of one of the Warrenton girls getting ready for the prom/antique show/and now she's lost her keys (just kidding but it does make for a good story):

(Credit:  Corrie Bond Photography)

Be sure and visit Debra to see who all is participating in Vintage Friday.  Happy early Weekend!


  1. Have I told you how excited I am to see y'all again???

    Just in case I'm too drunk on Sunday, I'm going to thank you in advance for hosting such a WONDERFUL blog party!!!!

  2. I love this picture and I believed your story.
    I have never been to Round Top, someday I will go. I read so much about it. My neighbor blog friend Shelley from Sweet Pea goes and she has amazing stuff.
    Have a blast!

  3. It's also the most fun you can have in the dirt...with your clothes on!

  4. what do you mean you don't have time? haha! safe travels, friend, see you soon!

  5. just think, this time next week we will be there! yay!



  6. I'm sorry to say, that because of circumstances beyond my control, I won't be coming to Round Top this Fall. I'm super bummed I won't get to meet you and all the other great Bloglanders. Have enough fun for me too! I'm sure y'all will.
    Lisa @ Pix Up Stix

  7. Oh I love that image. I could only dream to look that good from behind! te he!! We'll all be waiting for the inspiration to come back with you in your photos!!
    Thanks for linking in, T!
    Love ya big bunches.


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