Thursday, September 02, 2010

The Junk Gypsy Prom

is one event you DO NOT want to miss!  Can you believe that we ARe 20 DaYs AWay fROm tHiS!!  Besides, they've got an aWeSOmE sURprISe that they'll be ANouNCIinG rEAl SoOn AND you want to keep watching their blog for this.  But and I do mean a BIG BUT... if can't make it out to the prom you most definately want to check out their booth (of course you'll be sorry that you missed it and their surprise~~besides, here's your one chance to make up for your prom by wearing your coolest prom attire with cowboy boots, yeehaw it don't get much better).  It's a little bit gypy, a little bit country, with a lot of fun thrown into the mix of their space.  You can find any thing from Furniture to T-Shirts, Belts, Boots, and some of the coolest junk around.

Take a look for yourself:

Be sure to stop by and say hello to Jolie, Amie, Janie and the JG Crew!!

Maybe you'll change your mind, if so I'll see you there on September 30 for the prom, if not before!!


  1. Just CrAZeD that I can't make it this Fall... Loving your BLOG HEADER with a hint of Industrial!!! Jeanine, ChiPPy!-SHaBBy!

  2. oh to go to The Junk Gyspy Prom...have a great time

  3. Yee Haw! It's a great opportunity to let the ol' hair down and holler out loud!

  4. What sweet Texas girls! Thank you for sharing The Junk Gypsy's with ua. sandi

  5. Oh how I'd love to go. Love the video, great highlights of the girls!
    Becky C

  6. I really don't want to miss it either. But for now, until I can get myself to Texas, I will live through all the awesome pixs you post!

    Take care, Sue

  7. Hi Friend...I LOVEEEEEED this post & the video make me tear up...they seem soooo sweet & every word they said came straight from the heart & touched mine too!
    I'm still trying my bestest to get my big ole butt out there & my check in date if all works out perfect is Sept my question to you is, being my 1st time: where is the prom, what should I wear & will you hold my hand if I'm all by myself? lol

    Cannot wait & am praying to the heavens above everything works out so this Californis girl can be a Texas girl for a week!!! :)

    OH..PS: Can I put this sweet video on my blog too?

  8. You know what? I won't be able to make the blog party, but I might just be able to attend my very first Junk Gypsy Prom! I'm excited!

    Can't wait to see you again. :-)

  9. It was great to discover your blog, via Anne.
    Love all the treasures in your booth and so wish I could be there.

    Happy weekend

  10. hello... Thanks for the visit... In answer to your question of whether we have bittersweet in our area here... yes we do... I have to be careful traveling into ditches and fences however as I get the poison ivy and it can become a large doctor bill so if I do find some I have someone who is not so apt to find themselfs itchy harvest it.... Like Tom


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