Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Laurie Anna's on a White Wednesday

Visting LaurieAnna's Vintage Home this past Canton weekend was a real treat.  The talent that her and her crew put together in the shop is just amazing.  Every where I turned there was an inspirational display.  From the beds, to the tables dressed with pumpkins, the beautiful natural wreaths that Rebecca makes to the great smelling soaps with the aroma that hits you the minute you walk in to the store to the beautiful linen clothes.  Well take a look around:

These were so awesome.

Credit for Header Photo from Laurie Anna's.

You'll be here a while if you click on the pictures and study them.  I know I was in her shop a while just seeing all the pretty things that were there.  Be sure to visit her new store that's open only during Canton week.  And please visit Kathleen's blog for all the White Wednesday participants.


  1. Gorgeous whites!I could stare at that booth all day long! I really love the header photo!!!

  2. ~*~I LOVE all the whites!!~*~* Just beautiful...

  3. Wow I am planning on next month. I thought she might open all week, all month. I could make a day trip anytime.

  4. L.A. gives a whole new meaning to "rockin' the house"!

  5. BeSt Ever Picture Post!!! I'm soooooooo InSpiReD!*!*! Your Header has me speechless... Thanks for the pics... Jeanine, ChiPPy!-SHaBBy!

  6. I would loooooove to travel to all the places you do, sweetpea!! I love looking at the shops and drooling over all the goodies. Just beautiful.

  7. Yes, I'm going back to "study" all of the photos! I LOVE the old tin in back of the mantle display. I wish I didn't work so much so I could get out more and see what everyone else is doing. Thanks for the pixs, I loved them.

    Take care, Sue

  8. Looks wonderful & the header photo is awesome!!! I love the white pumpkins in it, she must have quite a shop...I would adore seeing her magic in person! :)

  9. How in the world does she do all that for a show! She must have some great help!



  10. Soooooo pretty, love all the whites! Thanks Tresa, for all of the wonderful photos. sandi

  11. Thanks T for this beautiful post! You are always so supportive and encouraging! Love that you used the pic in your blog header!


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