Monday, October 18, 2010

Rachel Ashwell's Booksigning

One of the highlights of this past antique show was meeting Rachel Ashwell at her booksigning event at the Junk Gypsy tent.  When I first stopped by there were so many women waiting to have their book signed so I had to return several times.  Finally, I was able to have my book signed.  I have briefly spoken to her during previous shows but she was so sweet and genuine during her booksigning and she wrote the sweetest words.  Of course, I also got to speak with her assistant, the man behind the muscle of her business.  Now, he has a hard job but yet an interesting one I'm sure.

Here she is signing my book

Here is Beau, who travels, loads, packs and tracks her purchases:

What a nice guy, really enjoyed visiting with him.

In case you didn't know the book signing was held in the Junk Gypsy tent.  Here are pics of their things:

You can click on any of the above pics to see more.

Be sure and check back for my next post, it'll be about The Blog Party.


  1. How amazing!! I see so many things in the pictures that I WOULD LOVE to have in my home :) xoxoxo

  2. What fun!
    However, I think she's pretty lucky to be meeting YOU. :-)

  3. I wonder if Rachel truly knows how she has inspired so many of us.
    You too my dear are such an inspiration to me and to others and always a promoter and encourager. I may not tell you with every post that you do, but you can be sure that when you do post I have read it and enjoyed it.

  4. Oooophs! I missed that signing...guess you can't catch everything...haha! I miss seeing and talking with you...hope you and yours are doing fine...I Love your header,just great for this time of!!!

  5. What fun, she is such a talented lady. I bet you are thrilled! Hugs, Diane

  6. Rachel is the most down to earth, awesome person I've ever had the pleasure to know. I think I told you in her earlier days when she had a show on Style network she filmed a few episodes at my store. I will always be grateful for those opportunities, along with the book signing she did last year as well.

    Take care, Sue

  7. Oh Theresa you lucky LUCKY girl.... :o) !!

    Remember when we were all sitting in your tent giggling & carrying on like pork chops & Cindy came over smiling because Rachel had just visited her space & purchased a cabinet....I was beside myself that I'd missed her by moments....If I'd had my glasses on I probably would have seen her walk past us....!!

    I'm GLAD you were able to catch a moment with her....!!

    I'm ONLY a little 'green'....hahahahaha....!!

    Take care Lovey,
    Tamarah :o)

  8. So sorry I missed the book signing. I imagine it was wonderful to see her.

    Maybe next time.

    Second Hand Chicks


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