Friday, October 29, 2010

Vintage Halloween Decorating

It's Friday and the weekend is just around the corner and it seems that Fall weather has finally hit our part of Texas.  It's also Halloween this Sunday and I couldn't wait to show who's house I hinted about the other day that I had visited.  My friend Marion, better known as junkin' buddy, always goes all out decorating for Halloween and Christmas.  She has some of the best vintage Halloween that I've ever seen.  Her eye for displaying and decorating is just so unique and interesting.  You walk in her home and you don't know where to start.  Your eye will catch something to the left and then there's something to the right that you have to see.

From the road her place looks very peaceful, on a hill, that welcomes you and beckons you to come in:

Her porch is decked out for each season, it's always changing.  Even on her porch there's something cleaver at every corner.  Her steps always have pumpkins and mums or another pretty kind of flowers blooming in pots as you walk up.

As you walk into her living room, the fireplace is to your right.  It changes with the seasons too.  She has a green cabinet, filled with ironstone, that is in her livingroom in the corner. 

There's a witches hat and goodies that can be seen in the slideshow on her coffee table.  As you walk through the living room you enter into her dining room. 

You never know how her table will be decked out. Her sideboard is always filled with more goodies.  Another cute vignette is always found in the corner of her dining room.  More scary things displayed in the corner as you'll see in the slideshow.

As you walk into her kitchen, her table always catches my eye.  She has a farm table and metal chairs in her kitchen that I have always admired.  I believe she had it for sale once when we were in a shop together.  She always had the coolest displays and I couldn't wait to come in to see how she was going to display her booth for that month.  She redid her booth every month with cool finds she'd come across in her travels. If you look up to your left of her kitchen, you'll see some of the best signs I've ever seen.  She has such a great eye.  Lots of great silver things can be found on one side of the kitchen. 

Her front bedroom is where she displays most of her vintage Halloween goodies.  Old children's costumes, some are still in the original box and some are made from old crepe paper are displayed in this room.  Can you image the child that wore that costume just for that one evening.  Then, I can imagine their mother must have carefully wrapped it back in it's original box knowing next year they will have outgrown it.  The care that was taken into preserving the costume is priceless.

As you walk onto her back porch, it's all decked out as well.  Another sitting area on her back porch can be seen in the pictures above.

I should have showed you her yard because she also has such a beautiful yard.  It's all decked out with pretty flowers, vintage garden statues, an old bike, yard art and vintage furniture.  You could spend hours at her place.  The day she invited me over was during my lunch hour.  We had lunch on her back porch and it was so peaceful and relaxing.  So, you see she can decorate, cook, garden, and display.  I don't know what she can't do.  I always tell her that when I visit it feels like "home".  Her house spells like home, with candles burning and it's always a great experience.  You can find Marion's things at the Heritage Antique Mall in Lufkin Texas.  Hope you enjoyed the tour.  Happy early weekend and Halloween!


  1. OMG ~ where does she find the time!!! Front and back porches are my Favorite ~ especially the pic you used for YOUR HEADER ~"Crow/Basket/Wheels"...
    Jeanine, ChiPPy!-SHaBBy!

  2. Thanks for sharing Marion's sweet nest with me today. It is fabulous.



  3. Marion's decorating ability is amazing. Hopefully you're able to get over to her place at Christmas time to share those pics as well!

  4. What an amazing, incredible, and wonderful collection of collections! Wow. What fun to visit her! I admire her ability to style and show off her treasures. It really does take a lot of talent, doesn't it? Thanks for sharing!!

  5. Oh T, this is wonderful, thanks for sharing her vintagy place. Please link up for VIF if you have time. We're headed to see our kids and do some fun junk'n. Have a great weekend!

  6. Thank you for showing us a peek into Marion's beautiful many treasures! Have a great weekend! :)

  7. What a great post Theresa! And your friends home is amazing. Thanks for sharing it with us. Lisa & I met up in McKinney the other day & your booth is so cute. Have a great weekend.

  8. Oh my, what glorious eye candy you shared with us! I'm in Tyler, by the way.

  9. wow! thank you for taking these photos of this halloween bounty!!! it's amazing and i'd love to see it irl:)


  10. I so enjoyed seeing Marion's house! Her booth at Heritage Antiques in Lufkin is always full of vintage goodies! Hi, Marion!

  11. I have dubbed her home "Heaven"!
    I wanna live there! LOL
    She sure knows how to display everything so well. I must have spent an hour just looking at the photos.
    Thanks so much for sharing!

  12. Thankyou SO much for the tour, what a fabulous house and all those displays WOW. I am going to have to go back and enlarge the photos for a better look at all the details!
    alicia :0)

  13. OMG, she does have a lot of eye candy, so many things to see. Great Halloween displays everywhere!!! Thanks for sharing... Blessings~~~ Daphne

  14. LOVE Marion's house, Theresa. Thanks for the wonderful tour of all this vintage awesomeness.

  15. Oh my gosh !
    I adore her home ~
    It is full of wonderful treasures !

    Thank you for sharing with us :)


  16. What a totally awesome house. I love everything in it: the stuff, the displays, love it ALL! I would love to have an old house with a porch. Where my store is, Old Towne Orange, it is an historic area and they have some beautiful old homes. Although, no "land" just a lot. Have a good week-end.

    Take care, Sue


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