Wednesday, October 06, 2010

White, Chippy, Worn & Loved

and it's White Wednesday.  This is how I would have described my booth at Zapp Hall with a touch of Fall and Robin's Egg Blue as well.  I can't seem to depart from adding touches of blue to my booth.  I love the contrast of this color against the white.  I have to first say that Rachel Ashwell also must have loved this color because she bought two really sweet pieces, a cute blue bench and a medicine cabinet that had touches of pink peeking through the blue.  I always seem so star struck whenever she has come into my space and the sweet comment she wrote in my book during her book signing just added to the excitement.  I'll do a whole other post on her book signing.

What you first saw when you came into my booth was the white table in the first photo of the slide show:

Ironstone, thread, and silver all piled together with raffia ~ does it get in any better than this when these are all my favorite elements.

A mile high of suitcases was also in my booth.  Ready for you use as an end table or wherever your imagination takes you to use them.  During this show, I saw where someone had taken lots of suitcases and attached them together, painted them all white, and that was her checkout counter.  So cleaver.

Silver, White, and Robins Egg Blue.  Can you see the colors I am going to be using for Christmas.  I'll have all these colors at the next show, Accumulations, that we are headed to at the end of the month.  More on that in another post.

I always love ribbons.  I think they add interest to wherever you use them.  Click on the slide show for more photo's of my space.

The things on this galvanized table kept selling and I was constantly redoing.  I just loved what one vendor said.  She said "there's the girl that sells things and just clicks her heals and it's magically redone again".  That was so sweet.

I also borrowed a few pics from Karla's Facebook page.  You can see more of her great photo's here

Thanks to all the customers that came out and to all the awesome new friends that I made and to everyone that stopped by.  I have so many posts to do, the blog party, the people I met, places we went, so stay tuned.  I hope you don't get bored on all the posts I'll do.  There are some really talented people in this biz.  Happy White Wednesday.  Be sure and visit Kathleen's blog for all the particpants.

On another note, I would like to please ask that you say a prayer for my mother-in-law.  She's currently in the hospital and just this week have found out she has cancer.  Our family is in a tough situation as she's always been such a strong individual and now they aren't giving her much time to live.  This is so sudden as she's only been not feeling well a few weeks.  I know my husband would really appreciate your prayers as would I.


  1. Your mother in law will be in my prayers. My husband just found out a friend of his about the same age just found out he has cancer. I wish they would find a cure, it seems like more and more people are getting it.

  2. Hello my friend~

    So, so pretty .... and to think I had the pleasure of seeing all your lovelies {and huggin'em too!!} in person!! .... I think I was having so much fun shootin' the breeze, I missed some of your fabulous displays ... darn, guess I'll just have to come back ; )

    Sorry to hear about Cruz's Mom ... we'll be saying prayers for her.


  3. Your space was just beautiful and yes you have a beautiful talent for putting vintage together ..

    I will sure keep your mother-in-law in my prayers. It must be a very scary and trying time for her and your family. Never is it an easy road to travel ..but just knowing our dear Lord will help us traverse it is a blessing. May God Hold her in his hands and give her the strength courage to get through each day well as you and your husband.

    Hugs and Blessings... Sara

  4. I want it all, every piece. So sorry about your mother in law. She will be in my thoughts. Sea Witch

  5. I have prayed for your mother-in-law. My grandmother is in the hospital right now as I type having cancer removed. She is 91, and strong. I pray that your mother-in-law finds her joy and healing and rest in Christ.

    Your space looked awesome at Zapp Hall. I didn't get to come this year, but I'll make it next time. (thank heavens for great pictures!) Suzanne went a couple of times and said it was just gorgeous!

    You do have an amazing ability to make vintage come alive! I love your style.

  6. Just love your magical space at Zapp Hall, Theresa. I need to go back to feel that special magic of yours... p.s. please say hello to husband for me and let him know we're sending prayers for his Mom

  7. I LOVE that aqua blue and a little soft green with all the just can't beat it in my opinion!! and then with the shabby queen's approval, whoo-hoo!
    I'm praying for your mother-in-law and for strength and peace for y'all during this time.

  8. oh my friend, so sorry to hear about this news. i will keep all of you in my prayers for sure. sorry i missed your booth before it was completely undone. it looked awesome.



  9. Prayers sent up immediately for your mother-in-law.

    I could be lost in your booth for hours. Thank you for pictures to make that dream of mine come true.

  10. ...soooo many hidden treasures awaiting discovery and then transformed into something new!!
    ~ prayers sent your way
    xo, Rosemary

  11. Its official. I am even more heartsick I wasn't at Round Top. Thanks for taking me there.

  12. Love all of your displays....I feel so honored that I got to see them in person....your booth was the place to be...that's for sure! Keeping your mother-in-law in my prayers...:0)

  13. I have already said a prayer for your mother-in-law. May the strength you and your family need be found in the Lord. I will continue to pray for all of you.


  14. Your booth looks so wonderful and I too love adding a little bit of blue in with all the white.

    Thanks for sharing with us and I can't wait to see pressure(hahaha).

    So sorry to hear about your mother-in-law and will keep her and your family in my prayers.

    Best wishes,


  15. Your booth looks beautiful!!! Can't wait for more pics from Zap!!! I am so sorry to hear about your mother-in-law and will for sure say a prayer for all of you! I lost my dad, father in law and grandmother to cancer so I know what it is like to go through this.....God Bless....Cathy aka GGJ

  16. Sorry to hear about your mother in law, that is definately a tough one. It was good to see a few weeks back that they did that teleton thing on tv for cancer, its about time.

    Loved all your pictures and displays. I saw Tim today and was checking out some of his stuff. He said he talked to you and mentioned how nice you were. Of course, I already knew that one!!

    Take care, Sue

  17. Beautiful as always Sweet T:)) I only wished I could have seen it all in person~ Please know I am sending up many prayers to for your Mother-in-Law and lovely family. Thinking of you,

    xoxo, Carol

  18. Love using the blue with the white - delish! Beautiful booth all the way...

    Will pray for your mother-in-law and all the family.


  19. Your booth is absolutely stunning. I will definitely put your mom in law on my prayer list.

  20. Your booth looks great, and I love those colors too!!! So sorry to hear about your mother n law... I will be praying for her and your family!!!

  21. T, I've been AWAITING these posts from Warrenton and they're as good as I'd hoped. You've certainly ramped up to the Nth degree and I can't wait to see what you cook up for spring. Honestly, I think of you every time I re-foof my booth. Give Cruz a giant rib-crushing hug from me....

  22. The prayer for your Mom in law is in the works...will do....thanks for so much to see during the show....I don't get out as much, stuck at the store, but great inspiration and enjoyment for me!!! I may have to add a little antique flavor to our new irresistable!! Thanks for all the work you do to provide a wide coverage!!! Blessings!!

  23. I think I was so mesmerized by your pictures that I missed the note about your mother-in-law. So sorry & I'll stop this moment & say a prayer. Jan


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