Saturday, November 13, 2010

Ann's Place ~ Part II

This is the last part of Ann's place.  I just couldn't wait to show you what Ann had created in her bedroom.  She took the top part of a dresser header and hung it from the top of her bed and draped fabric over it.  So pretty:

field trip 039

Next, I wanted to show you this cute manny that had this pearl necklace:

field trip 045

Here's another view:

field trip 046

So, I quickly called my mom and had her pull out my grannie's pearls and she gave them to me today.

Here's one of her pretty pocket pillows:

field trip 050

This cute tree was in her room too:

field trip 042

Take a closer look at these cute shoes:

field trip 051

And the picture of the little girl.  It looked like maybe she was an angel, maybe for a Christmas play.

This cute cabinet was in the corner:

field trip 049

Look at all the wedding cake toppers.

Vintage gowns:

field trip 048

too cute!

A collage frame created by Ann:

field trip 047

Such a pretty dresser:

field trip 044

The top of her cabinet had such pretty things:

field trip 043

Loved the frame of the angel wings.  Oh and look at her ceiling, she papered it herself!

I'll let the rest of these pics do the talking:

field trip 041

field trip 040

field trip 038

Loved this frame collage so:

field trip 037

field trip 036

field trip 035

Ann Part II

I hope you enjoyed a peek into Ann's world.  Didn't you think it was just magical.

Ann has a booth at Heritage Antiques in Lufkin Texas and this was her space that I stopped and visited after I left her place:

field trip 057

Stay tuned for tomorrow's post to see where we went today!


  1. Magical! Thanks for sharing these lovely pics today....they sure livened my spirits!

    Girl, you are just having too much fun....! Keep it up and share it all with us...


  2. I could look at Ann's place over and over again sweet Theresa ~ each little detail is gorgeous!!! xxoo, Dawn

  3. What a special home, so beautiful and full of gorgeous creativity! Thank you for sharing, I need to go back for more...Theresa xoxo

  4. I really, really have to go there!

  5. Oh, the places you go with your camera! Keep on sharing!


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