Thursday, November 11, 2010

Field Trip~The Tin Rabbit

Do you remember when you were in school and you knew you were going on a field trip the next day, you couldn't hardly wait for the next day to arrive.  Well, that's exactly how I felt today.  I couldn't wait until I was on the road headed to Ann's place, The Tin Rabbit.  I know that her Open House was last week, but as I've mentioned I wasn't able to attend, but being the sweet person that Ann is she allowed me to come to her place today.

While most of her things were gone, which is a good thing, this is what was left of her shop:

field trip 012

It was still magical!

field trip 004

field trip 011

field trip 010

I loved this piece:

field trip 009

field trip 008

field trip 007

field trip 006

field trip 005

field trip 013

field trip 003

field trip 002

Tin Rabbit

These last two pics are a hint inside her house:

field trip 014

field trip 015

Just wait until I show you her place, you'll be in awe!! 

I'll have several more posts to do of her house and the shop's she's in and I can't wait to show you what I found.  She also gave me several things that I'll cherish forever that I'll also show you.


  1. Oh thank you for the pics. I was going to go but had some car trouble.
    I wish I could have seen it all in person.


  2. I love those piano keys! No, I love it all!

  3. wow! is Ann full of talent (like you)! chock full of lovely items and countless display ideas...


  4. Magical...absolutely magical! Thanks so much for sharing your photos of these delightful items!


  5. I agree with you, even after most of Ann's treasures are sold it still looks wonderful! I still wish I could have been there too *sigh*
    I did a swap with Ann last January and I so treasure everything this generous, talented and lovely soul sent me!
    Happy weekend wishes to you from Germans sends

  6. i think you picked the perfect word: magical!

  7. Beautiful! I can't wait to see more!!!

  8. What a fab visit! I especially love the oval frame and the display she made. I miss all my collections but I'll start anew once I have my own nest... it will be fun to hunt! Jennifer

  9. Hugs to you ....will be looking up the verses this weekend and thanking God for your voice. Jennifer

  10. How absolutely dreamy!
    And yes, the piano keys are amazing!

    Happy Weekend!

  11. Thank you so much for the sweet comment. Your tour of Anne's was delightful. The piano keys were knockout, and love what she did with the oval frame. Can hardly wait to see more!

  12. Oh Theresa...Ann is such a precious soul and everything she touches is beautiful to me!!!! I'm so glad you were able to visit her ~ now that I've been home for a week, I keep wondering, "was it all a dream?" hugs and love, Dawn


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