Saturday, November 06, 2010

Things Found for McKinney

Today, my husband took me shopping to one of our favorite towns and as you'll see from the first photo in the slide show, I just love this house.  I always photograph it when we go there, even though it seldom changes and I'm sure the people probably think I'm stalker (which I guess I am), I just always have to stop and admire the home.  I guess I'm drawn to this house because they always have great vintage things displayed in their yard and porch.

Okay, moving on, what do a picture of Jesus, an angel, a red Santa, a reindeer, battery jars (I found two really awesome ones), white winter wonderland (well at least a white leather chair that is SUPER AWESOME and several other white pieces), silver items, and other vintage things have in common.  Does this conjour up visions of sugar plums dancing in your head or are you panicking thinking that Christmas is just around the corner.  Well, meet me in McKinney tomorrow and you'll see Christmas starting to come alive in my booth at the Antique Company Mall.  Here's a quick preview: 

I can't wait to show you the rest.  And, I may wind up keeping the chalk Santa since I've collected so many through the years or who knows you might just see the entire collection there.  Still deciding.  Hope you'll check out my space soon.  Hope you are having a great weekend.


  1. What if one time you drove by it and it had a For Sale sign out front?


  2. You had some great luck finding goodies today! Glad you had a great day! Hope your booth there is doing well!

  3. I would stalk that house too! You found some great treasures... have fun at the store! Theresa xoox

  4. ~*~Love your images!! Looks like you had fun! Hugs~ Rachel~*~*

  5. What town did you go shopping in? My girl's and I always try to make the square in Mckinney at Christmas time, hope to see you too.

  6. You sneak peek of the chair looks fab...and it's probably all in one piece!
    I'm trying to remember where that house is in McKinney.

  7. whew! just read all your posts back to the blog party! dang, i've missed so much! missed you at HEAP! hope you're doing good! kisses!

  8. Hi Theresa
    How fun, you found some wonderful treasures! Wish I lived closer... I hope you are selling like crazy!
    Many Blessings

  9. Hey Theresa!! Hope you are doing great.. why don't you just here to my town!! Alot of cute homes in the district!! come see me... see you soon!! PS... ARE YOU coming to CowboysandCowboys in February?? smiles!


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