Thursday, January 20, 2011

Smelling Salts, Gentlemen, & Royal Attitudes

A while back on someone's blog, sorry I've forgotten which one, I saw the PBS Masterpiece Special, Downton Abbey introduced.  The show seemed intriquing, but now I'm hooked.  This past Sunday I missed it since we were coming back from the show, but I found that I can watch the previous episode online and thought I'd share it with you:

Watch the full episode. See more Masterpiece.

The scenery is just beautiful and you feel as if you are right there.  The series was filmed at Highclere Castle in Berkshire that was used as Downton Abbey, with the servants' living areas constructed and filmed at Ealing Studios.

The village of Bampton in Oxfordshire was used for filming the outdoor scenes, most notably St Mary's Church and the village library, which became the entrance to the cottage hospital (a cottage hospital~only during this time period would this have sounded cute).
Another program that I've really enjoyed watching is The Tudors.  Not all the episodes I've watched I've liked, but some have been interesting.

Now, if I can just find Oddities on my channels.  This program show cases a shop that reminds me so much of Uncommon Objects in Austin.  Happy late Thursday to you all! 


  1. Oh My Gosh...I am hooked on this as well! This week it was really good. You should also watch Cranford with Judi Dench if you get a chance. I thought I was the only one taping Masterpiece Theater and watching at home!

  2. I am hooked on this new Masterpiece Theatre also. I haven't missed but glad to know I can find it on the internet if I miss it. We DVR it so we don't miss it and we can play it when it is convenient to us. So you might want to try that.
    I could just get into the show and become one of them. I love it that much. The characters are real and lovable.
    Hope it lasts a long time.

  3. I'll have to check out this show on line. there is so little that is interesting on TV these days. And I love a good period drama.

  4. It's on the Discovery Channel on Thursday nites...but I don't think there is an episode tonite. Mal did a post on this shop recently and you can go to her blog for more info.
    See...I pay attention!

  5. Thanks for the "inside" information on Downton Abbey. I've been enjoying it too! There was some rumor going round that it had been heavily edited for "American" audiences, whatever that meant, but in fact,it was only edited for length; 35 minutes have been deleted. I'm not too happy about that either! Evidently PBS does that with many British productions. I guess I'll have to buy the DVD to see what's missing!

  6. OH what a wonderful post!!! and thank you SO MUCH for the hint that I can watch these wonderful shows on-line... LOVE PBS and I never have enough time to enjoy all I'd LOVE to see there... I'm your newest follower, I would LOVE for you to peek into My World Of Blog and, If you like, FOLLOW ME TOO!!!
    Have a wonderful evening,

  7. I'm in Love with this show, and all the beautiful dress and hats....and it is good drama.

  8. We're hooked too .. Can't wait till the next one ..If you have'nt seen Larkrise to Candleford's a must have ..order it'll love it ...!!! I think they are on the third series now which I haven't seen yet waiting on the price of the DVD set to drop a little but the first 2 seasons were fabulous ..

    Sending hugs and Blessings to you ..Sara

  9. ohhh i want to see this,
    i wish you a happy weekend

  10. I'm dying to see this series, Theresa. I'm sure I will love it too.

  11. This has been very popular here in the UK too. You will be pleased to hear that there's going to be a second series later this year.

  12. thanks for visiting my blog!
    happy wk,

  13. I am watching it as well. The series is great. Another tip for just as great series is Lark Rise to Candleford. Even better.

  14. T,
    This looks very cool, I want to watch more! Thanks. Lisa

  15. Dearest Garden, I love this series. I wish I could lay in bed evryday and just keep watching it. I think the footman killed the Duke, and it will be a mess. He is a piece of work. Love magie Smith, she can really play it. And her purple hat. Check out my latest blog post. Thnaks, Richard

  16. Oh, it was YOU that got me hooked on this program! I got so engrossed I forgot where I had come from! I can never remember when something is on TV, I love that I can watch it on line when it's more convenient for ME.

    Waiting for Monday when a new episode is posted, thanks,


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