Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Valentine's Day in McKinney

I know what you are probably thinking about the title, we are just barely over Christmas and into the New Year and here I am already talking about Valentine's Day.  If you are in the retail business, you know you don't wait until the last minute to start preparing for the next holiday.  My only pet peave is I really hate to already start seeing Christmas before we've even made it to Halloween or Thanksgiving but that's how it goes with the retailers.

This past Sunday, we drove into McKinney to fluff and redo our booth and I did a small portion for Valentine's Day and as you'll see there were several other vendors also getting ready for this day.  Valentine's Day is probably one of my favorite Holidays next to Christmas.  I love the beauty of this Holiday and what it represents, the roses, the pretty things that are in the shops, and as many men are hurridly trying to find the perfect gift for their sweetie is sometimes fun to watch.  They wouldn't dare forget or you know they'd end up in the dog house until the next holiday or celebration rolled around.  They may wait until the last hour but there they are standing in line with their roses and box of candy.  Sometimes you just have to smile at this because you can almost see the desperation on their faces, wondering if they got "just the right thing".

If you don't have someone special in your life to celebrate this day with don't let that stop you.  You deserve to at least buy yourself some pretty roses or flowers or something special.  I love to buy flowers and I often do for myself, no it's not because my husband forgot to get them for me, it's just that sometimes I like to do this for myself. 

Getting back to McKinney, here's what I did in my space:

valentines mck 008

valentines mck 012

valentines mck 011

Yes, these are real rose petals/blooms on the table.

valentines mck 009

valentines mck 010

I hope you can see the doily LOVE banner hanging across the display.

Here's more inspiration I saw in the shop:

valentines mck 006

valentines mck 005

valentines mck 004

valentines mck 002

valentines mck 001

valentines mck 023

valentines mck 022

valentines mck 021

valentines mck 020

valentines mck 007

I hope if you visit McKinney you'll stop by the Antique Company Mall on Virginia St.  You'll be here hours shopping both levels of the store.


  1. Ooooh, now I'm really in the mood for a trip to McKinney!!

  2. Such inspiration and beauty...I hope your week has been great so far.


  3. Your booth looks stunning! I swear, one day this year, I'm coming to shop in McKinney! Have a great week :)
    Becky C

  4. Everything looks so pretty! I just started shopping and creating for my own Valentine Decor to add to my shop. Think I'll add it all in next week sometime!

  5. Thanks for the pictures of our booths! Also, thanks for the info about the "River House". I will check that out.
    Take care,

  6. I just pulled out my box o' Valentine goodies today to get started on pretties for my booth! Great inspiration, thanks!

  7. Great job! I too...had better get started on my booth! Thanks for sharing the pics of your booth. Also wanted to thank you for becoming a follower on my blog!! :) Have a great week!!

  8. It's lovely, I have a booth, but not as large as yours, wow. Fluffing my booth is on the list for Friday and adding all of my Valentines finds.


  9. You can't stand still in this business, can you??? So guess I'd better dig out some Valentine stuff. Thanks for reminding me. Jan

  10. you know it really is not to soon to think about Valentines Day. thanks for the jump- started making my hearts but know I am more inspired!


  11. Perhaps I'm a rarity, but I thorougthly enjoy retailers getting jumps on displaying Holiday splendor because it extends the Joy to me of each Holiday and I can linger longer in the visuals of each. Your displays and vignettes are fabulous... I'm already feeling Romantic looking at all the Valentine inspired treasures!

    Dawn... The Bohemian

  12. Lovely pictures! Wish I were going to be in Round Top. Going to Mt Dora for the Antique Extravaganza, so will take lots of pics. Will stop in to see you next time I'm in McKinney.

  13. Your pinks are beautiful! Seeing so much color in your booth and reading your earlier post about white got me wondering what the color of the year was. Check it out, see the link below.....honeysuckle. You SO have your finger on the pulse of color!!




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