Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Cold & Frosty White Wednesday & Wishing For Spring

While I was thinking about what to post for White Wednesday and since it's freezing here and so cold (we Texans aren't really prepared for the cold weather), it got me to wishing for Spring.  Before I go any further, thank you all so much for wishing me to feel better, I am so much better today!

I know we aren't supposed to wish our life away, right.  And we really should enjoy the cold weather before long we'll be complaining of the 111 degree heat and that's in the shade? 

This is Susanne Hudson's porch:


 I first saw her porch and beautiful garden on HGTV A Gardner's Diary.  I so miss this show.  HGTV if you are reading this, please bring back this show.  I then discovered Tara's blog and she had posted several pictures of Susanne's garden. 

This porch especially spoke to me, with the mosquito netting and the flowing white fabric on it.  Her home is located in Douglasville Georgia and I'm sure it's a lot like being in Texas in the summer, hot and humid!  It also reminded me of the "sleeping porch" that my aunt had.  It was a room located at the back of the house that was surrounded by windows.  She would let us sleep on this porch during the beginning of summer because it was still cool enough to sleep with all the windows open.

Can't you just picture sitting on this porch being surrounded by the netting, sipping tea, and looking out to others as they passed by.  I would enjoy it with a good book or magazine.  Her place is just beautiful.  She has such a wonderful eye for garden design and all throughout her garden you can see vintage items used.  She especially loves old watering cans, tools, and garden nozzles, all of which I love to collect.  I'll do several posts in the future to show you more of Susanne's place or you could visit Tara and go ahead and take a peek at Susanne's garden.  She also incorporates a lot of boxwood hedge and hydrangeas, my two favorite plants.

I know I'm thinking of Spring while parts of Texas are being covered in white.  What a week for there to be this cold weather when it's Canton weekend.  Oh well, the weather will change by the weekend.  Hope you stay warm today and maybe enjoy a cup of hot chocolate or a steaming bowl of chili, with cheese and frito's please. 

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  1. WOW WOW WOW!!!! I never thought to put up the netting. I LOVE IT and I have been wanting to re-do my front porch. What a perfect idea and hopefully I can do that this spring.
    We get big mosquitoes here in Iowa and it would be perfect.
    Spring seems like it will never be here but it will be.
    Hugs, Amy (Mom to the Four Sisters and buried in another 12 inches of snow in Iowa)

  2. that is just beautiful, I am heading over to Tara's blog to see more! Thanks for the 'spring dream'! Theresa xoxo

  3. Susanne does have a real sleeping porch.

    AND, when I stayed with her this summer we slept there, upstairs was too hot.

    Great to have sleep-overs at any age.

    Susanne Hudson is an entire heading-link on my blog. Yes, she's that potent!!

    Garden & Be Well, XO Tara

  4. Wow! What a beautiful porch and garden, so inspiring and dreamy! Christie

  5. What a wonderful porch. I cut forsythia last weekend to force & it's getting ready. Just needed a touch of spring. I'm going to ck. the blog out you suggested. If it makes you feel any better, we're buried in snow too & freezing cold. Stay warm! Jan

  6. Cant wait for my first trip to Canton this summer is it as grand as they say?

  7. So very lovely... Sure different that in our area right now...

  8. I wanted to go to Canton tomorrow but I think Saturday will be better.

  9. What a lovely header picture. It feels like Spring here, but sure enough, we'll probably have at least one more freeze!

    I also miss The Gardeners Diary...I guess garden shows aren't as popular, imagine that!

    Glad you are feeling better,

  10. I needed this post Theresa, thank you. What a lovely porch and so big, you could have a party on it!
    How fun would that be - with lanterns and twinkle lights and I can smell the breeze coming off the magnolia with music in the air and...
    Thanks for the daydream but the snowplow shaking the house going by just snapped me into reality.
    Blessings to you

  11. Right now it's a bubbly bowl of potato & corn chowder...I so want my lil' side porch to be a sleeping porch, but right now snow shovels and buckets of sand and salt and boots are filling it's sweet white spaces...come on spring, we're needin' ya big time!!!


  12. i want to sit on that porch RIGHT NOW! it's beautiful! i already feel warmer just thinking about it!

  13. We have a big old white house here in town, on a main street, with a big old wonderful porch. She dresses it every spring and summer with lovely white panels making it look so inviting. I am so tempted to knock on that door and invite myself to sit a spell!

  14. If only the sun were shining like that here at the Casita de Trash. As it is...nothing but rolling blackouts making me crazy and making it hard to stay online!
    P.S. Are y'all expecting snow tonite and tomorrow?

  15. Nice spring inspiration, Theresa. It is frigid and we are covered in snow up here in Canada so that bowl of chili sounds like a great idea.

  16. Yes Spring, Spring for everyone! hope you are feeling better :)

  17. A beautiful picture...I love grand Southern porches ...hope you are staying warm through this cold snap we are having...I have frozen water pipes so can't wait until the temps are above freezing so they thaw...just praying they don't burst ....blessings,Shelley

  18. oh i miss that show too! won't be long til spring arrives sweet T! and the shows!!!! seven weeks til we leave!




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