Saturday, March 05, 2011

Shopping in Canton

Thursday was a good day to go to Canton.  The weather was beautiful and the grounds were literally packed with so many vendors.  I think there were more vendors than I'd seen in a long time.  I saw a lot of interesting things there and of course there were lots to choose from.  It's just like I said in my last post, I guess since it didn't jump out at me, that's why I didn't find much.  And it's not that I wasn't ready  to do some serious shopping, because if it would have been possible, I'd have gone the night before.  I did hear through several customers that had went on Wednesday that there was someone that was going around doing some serious buying.  I was told she was buying all the cool furniture that could be seen.  Would love to have been following this shopper around.

There was still plenty to see.  Just take a look at what Lillie and Maggie had displayed in their booths.  First up was Lillie of The Junk Palace:

fleas 020

fleas 019x

fleas 018x

And this was Maggie of The Veranda's Space:

fleas 016x

fleas 015x

fleas 014x

You still have time to go to Canton, it runs through Sunday.  Happy shopping and Saturday to you!


  1. Oh my -- my thanks for sharing a flea marketing adventure. Longing for nice weather here in Wisconsin.

  2. Thanks for sharing. Weather is perfect 2 B out and about.

  3. Once again, some incredible photos. I love that you go all over the place and take these pixs for us. One of these days I'm going to hitch a ride with you and join you in these travels!

    Take care, Sue

  4. Boy what wonderful things. Thanks for sharing all the lovely photo's. HUGS MARY

  5. Teresa, love your header. Canton sure looks more stylish than I remember.

  6. This is great. I wish there were cool places to shop in my area on Saturdays in March! We are still frozen and too cold to go out right now!
    Great post. Love the vendor booths.
    Glad I found your blog this evening!

  7. Hey Theresa
    Looks just wonderful! Wish I could be there... did a little junking myself today but just bought some smalls. Got a cool scale (it must be my 4th one now, it's not like I have a shop anymore)some hardware (always a must) a great print of Christ, white pottery cups and misc for my artwork.
    It was windy and snowing so a lot of vendors were not there.

  8. Hey Theresa,
    I'll bet we were just missing eachother. Lori & I went too. It was awesome! Picked up some awesome things. I need to do my post about it. Wish we'd seen you there. Lisa

  9. OMG! I haven't seen fresh pics from Bountiful in an age! Where did this one come from, T.? I'm so glad you get around to see things. Love the Canton pics too.

  10. OH I wish I could go,,, so many yummy pretties.... such wonderful photos,,,, thanks for taking us with you....


  11. Those two come up with the best things. Reckon we could travel behind them incognito and find where they shop? We could go disguised as Hoity and Toity!!!


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