Sunday, April 17, 2011

Binky La Faye

**Warning**  This is going to be a long post and some of the pictures may cause you to do things you normally wouldn't, like book a flight to Texas just to see this shop:

I cannot even begin to explain how excited I was this weekend to be able to say that I was at Binky La Faye's shop in Llano Texas.  The moment I pulled up and saw her shop from the front door I could tell it was going to be a beautiful shop.  Well, once inside I almost couldn't contain myself, then a voice in the corner says, hello Theresa.  I'm thinking I don't know anyone in Llano and then I realized it was Felicia Blair of Bountiful who is in Lonestar's Antique Mall in Ft. Worth.  It was so good getting to see her and visit with her while I browsed all the yumminess in this place. 

Oh my if you could have seen it in person, you would have been so amazed.  At every turn there was vignette after wonderful vignette.  I will try to show it to you in pictures, but if you can you have to experience this delightful place in person.  Okay, here goes:

A wide view of one side of the shop just as you walk in to the right:

llano shops 042

And as you went into this room here's what you could find:

llano shops 028

Here's another view of it:

llano shops 022

Loved how she wallpapered the walls with book pages:

llano shops 027

More great things:

llano shops 023

She had some of the best mannequins I'd seen:

llano shops 038

llano shops 025

Ready for Easter Dinner:

llano shops 014

Don't you know I loved this awning:

llano shops 010

Another cute vignette:

llano shops 044

And more as you looked throughout the store:

llano shops 009

Great repurposed lamp shade:

llano shops 008

Loved this:

llano shops 036

A view from the inside of the display window:

llano shops 017

Here's the window that greeted me and made me want to run into the store:

llano shops 045

See what I mean by the outside area:

llano shops 046

There's Ron, Binky's Husband, with Felicia:

llano shops 047

Hope you enjoyed the first tour, there's more to come:

llano shops 007

I would love to have met Binky, but she was at a Home and Garden show that was in town.  Binky is so super talented.  She decorates the Homestead Store in Fredericksburg and she's been in Mary Englebright's Home Book, Leading The Artful Life.  The story on her and her daughter on page 82 is my favorite one.  Stay tuned for Part II later this week of the store and I'll also show you another shop that I visited.  Hope you all have had a great weekend!


  1. Thanks Theresa! I always LOVE to look at others shops and displays. I think most of us in this biz feel that way. Thanks for sharing such beautiful photos.

    Take care, Sue

  2. Oh, I love this store! Mr. Ella and I stumbled upon this jewel last Summer when we were taking one of our "detours". It was right at closing time, so we had to rush through. Thanks for reminding me I need to go back...

  3. Wow, that was a great post. I saw a lot of great things in her shop. You can really get lost in there. You have a very lovely blog to visit. Have a great week.

  4. I love seeing the pictures of the store you found. It is always great to see the way people display items and put different things together that I would never think about!!!

  5. Hello Theresa,
    I enjoyed your post. The displays are are fantastic. It is a fresh looking store. Have a great week.

  6. You where right, I do like this store! Wow! Girl you find the best places! I may have to visit there some time!

  7. OMG, you are correct. I'm ready to book my flight, put gas in the truck, put my thumb out...I have got to get to this shop. Crazy about the shelf with the shells and the primitives. Sea Witch

  8. I still remember Binky from ME's book- but I hadn't seen anything about her since. Thanks for finding her and showing us her still fabulous displays.

  9. Theresa, Theresa, Theresa!!! You find the most wonderful places and share them in such a beautiful way. Thank you for this visit...can't wait for the next installment.

  10. It wasn't to long, it ended toooo sooon. I love peeking at peoples shops! Gorgeous, can't wait for more! Thank You!


  11. Ahhh, you stinker, you scooped me! ;-)
    I'm planning a trip to my buddy Binky's shop soon to snap pics, shop and DROOL!

    Great pics, Theresa!
    Wish I could have seen you.


  12. Wow...this place is incredible! Even more special that you got to see Felicia. The two of you in that store was dangerous! What a great find...I will have to make a trip soon.
    Have a great week.

  13. I don't know if my poor heart could take another tour. Oh man, that is MY kind of store. I want one of EVERYTHING! :)
    Thanks so much for sharing.
    Blessings and hugs,

  14. Wow-wee, I am seriously drooling over all of those yummy treasures!!!
    And your right, I do want to book a flight to Texas!
    Hope you have a wonderful week Theresa, thanks for the eye candy, now I have something to dream about tonight! :)

  15. Yikes. I think it's time to head south for a trip.

  16. I could spend all day in this store..


  17. LoVeLY Pretties in that Shop!!! And YES - that Awning is to die for... I'm still sorry to this day ~ and think of it often - "NOT BUYING The Awning you had for sale at Warrenton a couple seasons ago... What was I thinking???
    Jeanine, ChiPPy!-SHaBBy!

  18. Again, you have lifted my spirits and given me a new vision of happiness in our world...having a VERY limited income, sometimes makes for a depressing scenario when you know you've arranged the same stuff over and over...but there is always a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow...THANKS again T...


  19. That's like falling into a dream...yummy!

    Gracie's Cottage

  20. Man alive...what a shop. Did Cruz have to drag you out kicking and screaming? Binky hasn't lost her touch...still the queen of display.

  21. This shop is just so much more fabulous than my pics could really even show you. I do recommend seeing it for yourself!

    Deb: You know you've stayed too long when the man comes in and gives you "that look" :) ha, ha, and I still had another shop to see!

  22. I am drooling over this amazing shoppe, Theresa! Thanks for bringing us along. That Binky is incredibly talented. p.s. lover her name :)

  23. Oh Theresa,

    I'm going to have to plan a trip to Llano JUST to see this for myself. Like you I've admired them for soooo long. I have the ME Home Companion with the story about them in my studio. And yes, Pg. 82 in the book is the BEST! So what did you buy? That awesome lantern? The awning? A dress form??? Inquiring minds wanna know.


  24. Thanks for taking us browsing! It is just fabulous!!!!

  25. Lisa, I bought a rosary and and the cutest children's ballerina slippers and a few things next door. I hope to do a post later this week to show what all I found, it was some great things! I hope you plan your trip soon, it's so worth going.

  26. A Very beautifully displayed shop. I am sure it would be fun to explore and see what treasures were hidden in there. happy Easter. Richard at My Old Historic House

  27. Yay, Theresa! Llano *is* a great little place...thanks (somewhat in advance) for giving it the props it rightly deserves! I bow down to your good taste...

  28. Teresa, I wish we would have been in town this weekend, we could have met you there! You were just 17 miles from us. I love Binky's store. She and the girls are super talented.

  29. What Great and Beautiful vignettes! Thanks for the tour as everytime we have been going through Llano, they are either closed or closing!! I for sure have to go back!!!
    Happy Junkin...Cathy aka GGJ

  30. Hi Theresa,

    Wow! What a feast for the eyes - mine don't know where to land next and these are just the photos. Cannot imagine what I'd do in person. Gorgeous!

    One of my favorite things though, is to see what your new banner will be. This one is stunning! Love it!

    Thanks for the road trip. Jennifer and I ran out of time and didn't get by your space in McKinney. Shopping with a 3 year old is not an easy task. Need I say more?! But, we have plans to go soon.

    Enjoy your hunting and gathering. Wish I were with you!


  31. Luckily I'm a Texas gal so this shop has now made my "to do" list -great pics!

  32. T... why didn't you come get me on your way to Binky's? You know what I love about your blog (well, besides that my keyboard gets cleaned off when I drool (yeah, I said that)) but that I did not even KNOW about Binky's! So - thank you!

    When are we going again? And - do you think she would come set up my booth at my next show? Hmmmm...

    ;-D robelyn

  33. We have been camping the last few days, so I would have commented earlier.You are just soooo sweet to do such a lovely feature on our little shop. Thank you so, so much. I am crushed that I didn't get to meet you, Ron said that you were so charming. Thank you again so much, and I can't wait to meet you. Blessings, Binky


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