Friday, April 22, 2011

Whimsey's in Llano

I had seen Whimsey's Antiques featured many times on Kristi's Blog as she has a booth in this shop, so I knew that when were in Llano Tx this past weekend I had to check it out. It's funny how you might have a place imagined in your mind and when you arrive it's different than what you thought. I pictured it smaller, but it's really a nice size place to shop. There are cute vignettes in several areas and I wish I had thought to take a pic of the display in front as it was really great. It had sea shells on an vintage wooden table, but I'm sure it was the chairs that I eyed as I was about to leave that got me side tracked (that will be in another post).

Here's a creative display in Kristi's booth:

llano shops 055

Cute repurposed shade:

llano shops 054

This display really caught my eye:

llano shops 056

Interesting?  I can think of lots of possibilities to use these legs.

llano shops 053

This vignette was interesting, I like how the light reflected the things:

llano shops 051

The yellow color of the walls makes the things pop in this shop:

llano shops 050

These candles smelled so good and were hand made:

llano shops 049

Repurposed light from Penn River Designs:

llano shops 048x

Cute Mexican Manny:

llano shops 052

Hope you enjoyed the tour of Whimsey's and be sure to check them out in Llano, they are located next door to Binky La Faye's Shop.

Happy Good Friday to you all.


  1. I want to say I love your header picture

    I also would love to travel the state of Texas and see all the wonderful blogs I read about

  2. Teresa, I don't know Kristi. What is the link to her blog? Is she from Llano? I know most of the other dealers there.

  3. Love the little ladder, and bird cage displays. I can use those ideas in my little store, if it is OK of course. =)

    Blessings and thnaks for such a fun blog.

    barbara jean

  4. this is one of my favorite places to shop! and i love it more now that i know kristi! in fact, my fabulous metal shelf that i display all the ironstone on at marburger came from whimsey's! glad you got to experience it!


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