Thursday, May 05, 2011

2 Of My Fav Peeps

Leftover's Antiques and Texas Live Magazine. I received an email yesterday from Rachel of Texas Live letting me know they had posted about Leftover's on their site, but I had already been ooohhhing and aahhhing there earlier in the day. I just had to let you know so that you can check out the write up they did on them. They always have the coolest things and displays around. Be sure and check out Texas Live's website to see so much more!

One day (hopefully soon and before the next show starts) I'm going to show you pictures of their shop, Marburger, More Zapp Hall, the Blog Party, and show pics. I know I keep sounding like a broken record, but my other computer is still NOT WORKING!!

Happy Cinco de Mayo today!


  1. I'm ROFLMBO at Debbie...

    Happy Cinco de Mayo! Love computers - hate computers...

    I'm off to check out the site! Have a fun day!!!


  2. actually a margarita sounds pretty good about now ...
    well not this morning, but later

  3. Oh I wil take a margarita this morning LOL really

    Happy Cinco de mayo

  4. Um...could you define "soon"? You in your exciting news...cause you're killing me!!!

  5. T,
    I need to go look at that, I love me some Leftovers!
    What book is that on the bed in your header?
    PS I just checked out Jennifers blog & I love that house tour she is in. Great homes.

  6. Lisa, sorry I didn't even look at the title of the book, you'd have to contact Gloria at Winnie and Tulula's.

  7. Hi sweet girl!!! I hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day sweet Theresa and don't you'll get to it soon enough ~ sending you love and hugs!! Dawn


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