Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Life of a Junker

The life of a junker can be interesting (you never know what you will find):

The garden chairs have since sold, but this cool looking metal tree bench is at the show waiting on you! 

And it can be challanging, especially if you are dealing with things like flat tires (the last show we had three blowouts and literally drove into Round Top on three tires!),

Then there's the weather, (if you are setting up at an outdoor show), it could be Hot, Cold, Raining, Sleeting or all of the above.  Just take a look at the rain we had during a previous show:

(The Junk Gypsy Crew)

And it's never boring, 

Sometimes a little tiresome after you've unloaded, but then you are ready to do it again the next day.

We hit the roads as much as we can can looking for cool things to buy,

(Canton Tx Flea Market)

Then we load it in the truck:

(a previous shopping trip)

bring it home,
clean it up and
sometimes repair it or
paint it,
price it,
pack it up,
load it in the trailor,
take it to the shows,
set up the tent

Unload it (all in the Texas Heat I might add *smile*)

Display it and

(My booth during a previous show at Zapp Hall)

It hopefully goes to a new home.

This show both trailers were loaded down with lots of things and they were so heavy, just packed full of great finds. I've decided that since I really have a huge load that what I've found will benefit you because I'm going to be having a HUGE unloading sale.

We'll be waiting for you at:
So please come by and see if a treasure or two has your name on it.

Also, don't forget the BLOG PARTY is Sunday, Sept. 25 at 6pm
Please bring some kind of dish. 
Michelle Delgado will do being a demonstration on Chalk Paint and
HGTV reps will also be there.
See the top of my blog for all the details.

Hope to see you at the shows.


  1. As my luck and it really was luck would have it I am in TX a week before the show and fly out tomorrow before all the wonderful activity begins. Girl....I LOVE TX and hopefully as sure as the bluebonnets in the spring I will return. I can see that this is one wonderful event not to be missed and how fortunate for me that we have made the connection through our blogs. Thank you for the info on Uncommon Objects. They love you there! Great place too! I knew you would know all the places to go. Now please tell me again where you camp when you camp here. I think I would love to come back in the RV if possible. Anyway...have a wonderful show. Wishing you nothing but the best. Hugs Becky

  2. SO wish I could be there in person and see you and your amazing booth, Theresa...

  3. I hope you sell so much no 1 bank can hold all your loot.

  4. I will be there on Friday and can't wait! It can't come soon enough! Best of luck with all your preparations. -Sarah

  5. It's almost here!! I hope you have the BEST show ever! Can't wait to see pics.

  6. Hi....I'm missing you this fall! :( Good luck this show, wishing you much success!!

  7. I am new to this blogging thing. I just moved to Houston (from Fort Worth) and dove right into making my dreams a reality...vintage farmhouse decor. Anyways, just stopping by to say I'm heading to Roundtop next weekend! I'll be stopping by your place for sure. ♥

  8. I know you're rocking the amazing Texas show right now so I'm looking forward to lots of photos.
    I hope you had the Best show ever

  9. It was so great to meet you!! Love your style and your junk!! XO!

  10. I love your stuff! And I too love to find stuff as a junker and bring things back to their best. I had to miss Roundtop this year but hope to be there in April.


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