Thursday, October 13, 2011

Warrenton Sights & Sounds

The tiny town of Warrenton Texas is literally transferred overnight.  It goes from being a population of around 77 to well over into the thousands.   Each Spring and Fall, droves of antique dealers come in and set up a shop in a few short days.  We are literally building a shop from the ground up for show week.  I know for me it takes me at least three days of loading and unloading and once the show starts I'm usually still not finished.  I've decided to do things a little different next year.  We'll have to wait and see since it seems so long from now if my plans work out.

When I drive into Round Top/Warrenton Texas at the beginning of each season, there's always a sense of excitement for me.  Excited that I'll get to see my friends that I only get to see normally twice a year, the excitement of possibilities as you never know who you'll see at the shows or what you'll see for that matter.  I know that going to each booth in the many different fields always catches my eye with a fabulous display.  The talent that is out there is just amazing how they will take something that was not to be used as that item and turn it into a work of art.

Each field holds so many vendors that are so talented and the merchandise they find for the shows is sometimes just so amazing.  I know for me I think I haven't seen an item like that in many years or I remember when my aunt or grandmother had that item and then the memories start flooding back. 

In case you didn't know, you are in the middle of cow pastures.  During the off season, if you drive through Round Top and Warrenton and the other surrounding towns, you'll see nothing but pasture land, no tents, or very many people or cars are seen then.  I guess those that live in that area probably are there because their families have owned that land for generations and it really is so quiet and peaceful, but then Antique Week starts and their worlds are turned upside down with all the people that show up. 

I normally like to drive in that area at least once during the off season to look at all the beautiful scenery that's there.  There are the old home places that you just want to stop at and stay awhile.  You wished you could sit on their front porch and enjoy their views for a while, sipping tea, finding out what brought them to the area, why they've stayed, and what sort of history they can tell you about their home place.  Locals are sometimes really quiet about their places and normally they don't want to share much about it with an "outsider".  But then again, you find those that love the area and while they may not have been there all their life they don't mind sharing a story or two with you.  I love the area and have come to call it my temporary home, at least for three weeks of the year it is. 

As my famous friends mentioned a while back in a post, it is My Soul Vacation.

Donna Hood's booth

Junk Gypsy's Booth

Atlanta Vendor at Zapp

Seen at Zapp Hall.

Cindy's Booth at Zapp

Seed Box Antiques

Country Garden Antiques

Warrenton Fields


  1. It is so nice that you can make the shows twice a year. What an interesting place to hold the show. I hope there are no wondering bulls left behind during the show. lol hugs, sandi

  2. Keep posting pictures and stories. I never get tired of being inspired.

  3. So much inspiration in everyone's displays! Pure eye candy for sure... thanks for sharing,T. I am on my way back to my own booth for this weekend to put the finishing touches on it! Have a fabulous weekend! t.xoxxoxo

  4. Can't get enough of these show shots! Thanks so much for sharing! Love how it is your soul vacation!

  5. Would LOVE to come sometime!!! Thanks for sharing!!! What an inspiration!! xoxo


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