Monday, January 30, 2012

This Past Weekend & What's Next?

As you probably know from my last post, we were in Austin Texas for the City Wide Garage Sale.  It was such beautiful weather the entire weekend and it almost made me wish my show would have been outdoors just to enjoy the days there.  I wanted to share my booth pics with you and then to let you know where our next show is.

I brought a bit of industrial, silver and white with a touch of garden items to this show.  Of course my husband brought bikes and they both sold.  I had made a cool industrial light from an old windmill stand.  I had several look at it but no takers, so you will probably see it at another show unless I decide to keep it.  It was good to see the customers and friends that came out to the show and it was nice to make new friends as well. 

Our next show is set for February 11-12 at Urban Market in Houston.  Click HERE for more info. about the show.  They are located in a new location.  Hope to see you there.


  1. I've been missing you!
    I am so thrilled that I'll see you at Carol and Robin's big show!!!

  2. Have to share my story with you. I have enjoyed your blogs and seeing your stuff in Llano. So when I read you were going to be at the City Wide sale this past weekend. My husband offered to go with me for a couple of hours because he known I really wanted to go. So we went and checked you neat booth out, I did'nt get to meet you. So the story goes, I finished my shopping and looking. Hubby came and told me he had bought a his and her bikes. What. Okay. So we picked them up from your booth, not realizing the connection until we were pushing them to the truck. I looked down and there on the seat - the sticker - Garden Antiques. OMG I told him, this is the booth I came for. What a small world. So note to me and you - next time I get to pick from the booth and match the bike Happy Trails Gail

  3. I won't get to see you until Zapp Hall... no time to play in between... take care and we'll see you then!

  4. Looks like you had some wonderful things to see- we would have loved to be there.... maybe meet you at the Zapp Hall show.



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