Sunday, February 19, 2012

Magnolia Pearl Magical Show

I can't even begin to describe the absolute magic and beauty that was at Robin Brown's Magnolia Pearl Fashion Imaginarium Show that was at Carol Hicks Bolton's new Antique Shop, Laboratoire de Design in Fredericksburg Texas, last night.

So rather than try and describe it to you, here is my first attempt at shooting short videos for you.  Words could not be penned at just the sheer magic that only Robin and her crew could create:

Click on the video to load.

I have many pictures to share with you about last night and seeing Carol's new shop was also indescribably beautiful.  I'm so glad to have been there and to see it person left me just so happy that I could share this moment with so many others.  I'll post more this week.  Happy Sunday.


  1. Looking forward to SEEING more!!! Lucky YOU to have been there...
    Jeanine Burkhardt

  2. Thanks SO much for sharing! Wish I could have been there. Looks like pure magic!


  3. You lucky girl, can't wait to see more!


  4. Thanks for sharing these videos...can´t wait to see more.
    I loooove Magnolia Pearl clothing....

    Love from Berlin, Germany,

  5. It was nice to see you again on Saturday! Love the new blog header:)


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