Monday, February 06, 2012

Shopping in Seguin

Saturday we headed to Seguin to check out the Curious Boys booth. It had been a long time since we had actually been to Seguin, at least over 12 years.  The last time we were there was when our son was playing baseball and he turns 30 this year.  Seguin is such a pretty town.  We took the scenic route and they have some really great old homes.  I loved seeing so many vintage garden treasures in people's gardens.  You can tell they really appreciate the old.

Joe and Glenn's space at Unique Boutique was just great and they had tons of fabulous things.  Just take a look:

I loved the vents the most in this vignette.  The mannequin was pretty too as it all was.

So much to look at from bird cages, to garden items, to frames and religious things.  They really have a wide variety of things to choose from.

Can you see the garden angel in the this photo.  You should check their space if you are in the Seguin area or keep up with them on their new blog, Curious Boys.  I'll take you to one more place near Seguin tomorrow.  Happy Monday!


  1. The ladies at Unique Boutique told me that folks come in to shop and make a bee-line straight to the back to find the Curious Boys... there are some other great booths there... but I have to admit that though I wander along the isle... my main destination point is their booth...

    so what did you buy?!

  2. I have only passed through the outskirts of Sequin once on our ladies trip to San Antonio last September. Would have loved to stop and prowl but,alas no time. Blessings on your week dear T.

  3. Honest Theresa . . . We didn't see your title 'til after we posted ours . . . Great minds think alike! Thanks again ! Joe & Glenn

  4. Looks like they read your mind, lol...
    lots of fun things all around, would be fun
    to spin by there and see in person. Thanks
    for the shopping play by plays.


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