Thursday, February 09, 2012

Shopping with Beverly

I promised to show you one more place on our shopping trip to Seguin this past weekend and that is at Beverly's shop, Glory B's Cottage.  Beverly was once a well kept secret by dealers.  I remember the first time I visited her and told a friend, she said oh no you've now found my secret shopping place!  Beverly's place is just jam packed full of wonderful things.  She's located about 5 minutes from Seguin in Geronimo Texas.  Check out what caught my eye:

This mannequin with ruffled skirt was so pretty, but it was NFS!  Can you blame her, it was gorgeous, I'd keep it too.  Loved the velvet fabric chair too.  I think there was pair of them.

All the white dishes with the birdcage was an eye catcher when you first walked in.  The brown shoes was really cool too.

More pretties, frames, mirrors, architectural, you name she had it.

(You can click on any of the pictures for a larger view of them, then click VIEW ORIGINAL and new window will open with a larger view of the pictures)

And look who I ran into at one of the other shops, Dixie from French Lique Texas:

Sorry about the blurry pic Dixie, my husband tried his best.

You can keep up with Beverly at her blog, Glory B's Cottage.  If you stop in and visit her you can expect to be there a while seeing all the things she has to offer.  Happy Thursday to you all.


  1. I've got plans to try and get that way in the future...just don't tell Cat Daddy!
    P.S. Dixieland Delight's photo isn't showing on my screen. Is that what you meant by blurry? LOL

  2. Oh... I think blurry is so much better.. look how it softens our wrinkles!

    see you soon! Dixie

  3. Hey Debbie, try again, it's just taking a while for my pictures to load.

  4. When it comes to Glory B's Cottage, it's hard to decide which is more fun, the shop or the owner!
    Beverly is such a delight!
    Thanks for the photos--I always enjoy your "shopping" posts!

  5. GARDEN VINTAGE, Thank you , you make me look so good, love it thank


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