Sunday, April 15, 2012

Spring 2012 Show

Hello friends.  I'm finally being able to post about our Spring Show at Zapp Hall.  I couldn't be more pleased with how the show turned out.  Yes, it was hot, but I was so hoping that we would have Spring weather in Texas but there were days it felt like we were at the Fall show with the hundred degree weather.  No it wasn't 100 degrees but it was still very humid.

I never know what to expect at the shows, with it being election year you hear all kinds of things, like how this affects sales to the gas prices keeping people away, but I didn't find any of this to be true.  There were great crowds each day even until the last day.  While they may not all have been there to buy, at least I got their attention and drew them in and I was pleased with the overall show.

The only thing about selling as you are setting up is that if something sold (no complaints here) I wasn't able to show you a picture of it. So by the time I did get around to taking pictures, my displays had changed several times.  This was the front of my tent as you walked into my booth:

I had this really large awesome frame that was so tall, it didn't last long.  The railroad cart and orange chairs found a new home.

This was at the back of my booth:

It was fun to see the bones of a lamp sold and then to see how the vendor that bought it repurpose it was just so inpiring.  That's one of the pieces that you almost wanted to keep.  The lamp base was probably from around the late 1800's.  You should have seen the tattered fabric that was on it.  Too bad it was in bad shape.  I also loved the little side table.  It too sold.

I always love carrying suitcases and this was one of my fav displays:

The madonna's seemed to catch the attention of so many as did the funeral markers, there were three, all different colors and shapes:

I'm really glad the vintage santos doll in the back went to a good home.

One of my favorite things to find was this ticking mattress and clock collage:

The mattress sold right away and the clocks later in the show.

I had a couple of galvanized tables that I found for the show:

Frames were really popular this time.  I sold almost all of them that I took.

The white display at the back of my booth was a fun display to put together too:

It was a good draw at the back of my booth.

Even though it was Spring, I seemed to have darker colors this time. I normally try and find lighter colors for the Spring shows but it didn't work out this time.  I was pleased with the things I found though.  Thanks to all that came out and made this a great show.


  1. Looks like a great show! Thanks for showing booth pictures! Always fun to see what other people are doing in other parts of the country!


  2. Everything looks amazing! So glad you had a successful show! :)

  3. So Happy the Santos doll came home with me too! still deciding on her permanent home... but she now greets visitors in the entry way...

    great to see you as always Theresa! hope to see you again soon!

    hugs. Dixie

  4. As always, Theresa, your space is gorgeous! I missed seeing you but enjoyed visiting with your hubby for a bit. So happy it was a great show for you. Many thoughts your way for a speedy recovery for your Dad. Will you be here next weekend for City Wide?

  5. I always love seeing photos of your booth, it is like seeing a artist work. The ticking mattress and pillows has me thinking that I want to make some for the warmer months on the porches to mix in with the florals. Everything looks beautiful, t.xoxoox

  6. Awesome stuff! Can't wait to visit urban market!

  7. Your booth looks great! Sorry I missed the show! (Love your blog!)

  8. Everything, as I expected, looks really good!! I hope you had a wonderful show and are getting so well deserved rest right now.

    Take care,

  9. Your displays are just awesome! You just have such a flair and you are just soooo talented! Thank you so much for posting the pictures.

  10. Love to see the displays you create, glad you had a great show!

  11. It was a GREAT show! And again, thank you for hosting The Blog Party. SORRY we were late!!!! As you know... "The Blonde" in our group was up to stealing phones that day & we had to make her return it. Hee Hee. HUGS!

  12. I'm so happy to hear that you had a great show! Yoor space looked AWESOME! It sounds like you sold tons of large items. You always have so many great frames!

  13. You sure are keeping busy. I hope the shows are doing well. Richard from My Old Historic House.

  14. I can see why you were Selling even before you were completely set up... your Inventory is all swoon worthy and your Art of Vignette Making is definitely a 'Draw'... it would certainly lure me in... hook, line & sinker! *Winks* So glad you had a wonderful Show! We're getting our 100 degree weather this week... but then, we always do this time of year.

    Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

  15. Girl your booth was AWESOME! I can't wait to do something with that roll away bed I bought from you!

  16. It was a hard but good show. Your tent looked great!
    Hope your daddy is feeling and doing better.


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