Tuesday, May 22, 2012

May Urban Market

Before I tell you how The Urban Market Show in Houston went this past weekend, I have to first thank all the great customers that came out and supported us.  It was really a great show and meeting new people was a lot of fun.

This is a quick show to do, a few hours on Saturday and then all day Sunday.  It passes so fast and with this being only our second show I have really enjoyed being here and seeing what is selling.  There are so many great things you can find at this show and of course there's always the awesome displays.  I'll be showing you two things that really caught my eye in my next post.

If I had to pick two of my favorite things that I found for this show and I almost hated to see them go (sometimes you just really grow attached to things) but at the same time you're glad to see they found a new home was the beautiful French Bed and the windows that reminded me of church windows. 

Finding these two items, along with some other things, I knew I was going to have fun displaying them. 

Take a look:

The detailing on this bed and the fact that it was painted in a really great vintage white made me love it more.  It's going to go in a great cottage.  Thanks Cindy for buying it and hope you enjoy it. 

When I found these windows I knew immediately how I wanted to display them.  I contemplated keeping them for myself but thought I can't keep everything.  I had originally priced them to sell as the four but a customer came along and only wanted two so I split them up.  She was going to make a headboard out of them and then another customer loved the other two and then they sold: 

(yes Christie I did this quick post for you)

I'll be showing you more pictures soon.  It's my birthday on Friday and I can't wait to celebrate with my family.  Remember, when it's your birthday, you should celebrate all month or at least all week.

If you are looking for something to do this week, there's two great shows you can attend:
May 25-26: Homestead Antique Fair, Hico Tx or
May 26-27: Brazos Valley Antique Show, Bryan Tx

One more thing.  I've already found two great beds that replace the one I sold and I haven't even picked them up yet, but I think they are awesome. They are full size beds.  Tell me what you think:

I have big plans for these two.  I'm linking up with Kathleen for this post.

I had also posted that we would start selling at The Fredericksburg Trade Days starting next month, but something has come up for this same weekend and it looks like I'll have to postpone this for next month. I'll keep you posted when we are able to go to this show.

If I don't get to do another post before Memorial Day, I hope you have an awesome weekend and do something fun.


  1. Happy Early Birthday, Theresa! I hope you do get to celebrate the rest of the month - what a great festive time of year for a birthday. I will take Monday off in your honor! :)

  2. Wow, what a great sale, buying the window for a head board was a great idea, can't wait for more pics!


  3. hey girl! you booth looks great! that bed was awesome!

  4. I so love the old rusty beds. What is it with "rust" that always calls our names? I hope you have a wonderful birthday and party like a rock star! May is a big birthday month in my family as well!

    Take care,

  5. I have a thing for beds too! I just bought a turquoise metal bed. Can't wait to see what you do with them. Keep us posted on F'burg. I'll come see ya!

  6. Love that white bed T! Glad you had a great show!

  7. I really love the vintage stuffs~ Cool!

  8. We really enjoyed visiting with you at UM this month. Your displays were fab and we hope to see you soon. Let us know when you will be in Fredericksburg and maybe we can pop over. Gaudy Sisters

  9. I'd love to visit your booth- you always have "good stuff." Wish you were in the midwest! I was just at the Springfield Flea and Vintage Marketplace. What a fun show. :-)


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