Monday, June 04, 2012

Well Traveled Week!

I can't even begin to tell you what a whirlwind week it's been.  We started on Thursday shopping at the Canton Texas Flea Market.  We weren't sure how successful we would be because it was really storming when we arrived.  Here's a booth that was set up in the fields:

We winded up finding a truck load of things and I had to go and pick up the beds I talked about in a previous post. 

The weekend found us finding many treasures and here's a quick peek into some of what I found:

I know this doesn't show you much so you'll just have to come out to The Summer Antique's Show in Round Top Texas at The Big Red Barn on June 23 to see all the awesome things I found.
Then on Saturday after searching for treasures, we headed to a town where I'll be posting about it tomorrow.

On Sunday, well I could do a whole post just on this trip, took us to Fredericksburg

I toured one of the prettiest homes I think I've ever seen. 

It was beyond gorgeous,
left me speechless with all the awesome displays she had.  

From vintage birdcages everywhere you turned

 to chandeliars,

watering cans,

garden furniture,

velvet and lace,

fainting couches that you only see in magazines,

so much ironstone I think she hit the motherload of it,

a beautiful farm table (at least 20 ft long if not longer),

a wonderful old gurney being used as an outdoor table

lampshades from the 1800's,

shaving mirrors,

mirrors that were so awesome from the silver that was missing

 to visions of white and dark items mixed togther and

so much you had to stand there to take it all in,

all in a beautiful setting

with screened porches

that you could sit hours and hours and feel like you are in the most tranquil place on earth,

A piece of Heaven!

Just envision an awesome shop with the volumn turned up 100 degrees. 

I'm sorry I can't show you pics of her place,

 it is magazine worthy I promise. 

Thanks so much Brenda for allowing me to tour your gorgeous place!

These are the treasures we found in Fredericksburg:

Yes another truck load of things all in visions of white.  We stopped by Vintage Smitten, the newest shop in Fredericksburg, on the way out and while they were closed the things they had outside left me wanting to come back for sure.

Another highlight of this trip was having a late lunch with our son and his girlfriend at none other than The Salt Lick in Driftwood, best BBQ in Texas!!

It's been a great week for finding treasures.  It'll all be at The Red Barn Antique Show in Round Top Texas this month.  Hope you are making plans to attend.  I hope you have a awesome week.


  1. Looks like some mighty fine pickin'
    Love all the white lovlies!
    Blessings, Susie

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  3. Wow! You got a great load of goodies there!

  4. Love all your treasures
    Can't wait for Round Top

  5. May I have one of each please? That is some great junk (fine antiques)! I went to Canton on Saturday and found some great stuff! I usually go every four or five months, but I'm finding myself wanting to go every month now.

  6. you wore me out just reading about all the places you and Mr. T went.

    Drooling over the pictures!!!


  7. What a weekend you had! The place you visited in Fredericksburg sound divine! I'm going to have to put the Red Barn sale on my list of shows to attend so I can see all your great treasures in person.

  8. Good to know about your blog and thank you such a wonderful post, And so true. Yet again, you got to the right words perfectly.
    Thank you for sharing with us.

  9. Oh Ms T you are such a TEASE....I WISH I could spend a weekend shopping with you guys....!!!!!

    Tamarah :o)


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