Wednesday, August 01, 2012

August, Pumpkins, & Time to Shop

Can you believe it's already August 1st?  Where has the time gone.  This is going to be a busy month for us.  We'll be setting up at the Austin City Wide Garage Sale on August 11-12 and also trying to get things ready for the upcoming Marburger Farm's Antique Show

And, I am so ready for Fall Weather, can you tell by my pictures. I thought maybe it was too early to bring out the pumpkins, but I'm already seeing them everywhere and maybe looking at the these pictures will help me deal better with the heat we've been having lately (mind over matter, right).

I love bittersweet.  I always buy it at the Round Top/Warrenton Shows.

Of course how can you go wrong with a white pumpkin in a silver urn.

And one year, during the antique shows in Warrenton, Gloria of Sweet Pea and Winnie and Tulula's had pumpkins all piled up in a fish tank.  Loved this.

So, are you ready to go shopping.  You know the big Texas Antique Shows (as we call them) are just right around the corner, but the Canton Flea Market starts tomorrow.  There are really tons of things to do this month to get you in the shopping mood.  Just click on my Texas Antique Show Tab above or check out Stephanie's blog for more shopping events.

Hope to see you at one of the shows.  I'm linking up with Kathleen for her White Wednesday posts.


  1. Hard to believe it's already August! Your images are charming and thanks for the schedule!

    Come by a register for a giveaway! It's a cheese platter and the winner can choose from 5 different styles. Very artsy and cute! Though not antique, it is an adorable recycle!

  2. I truly appreciate the content of your blog.. Keep going.


  3. PHEW! I thought I was the only one ready for pumpkins! I LOVE the non traditional colors and shapes. Love your photos.

  4. I love the pumpkins. Up here in Maine it's pretty hot but the golden rod is already blooming and beautiful and reminds me of fall.

  5. I LOVE Tank-O-Pumpkins! hugs. Dixie

  6. Thanks for sending folks to my blog T! The white pumpkins are my favorite! Just saw your sweet picture over at the Rusted Gingham blog!


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