Sunday, August 19, 2012

Thanks to a Special Lady & Fredericksburg

I first want to thank someone very special that blessed me so this weekend.  At times there are just great people that God puts in your life for a reason.  People that you meet that you never in your wildest dreams could you imagine would bless you beyond what your mind could dream up.  People that are there just at the right time.  I met a special person many years ago during one of the many antique shows I'd go to.  She had this awesome booth that just blew me away.  I love her style and all that she does and I just have to say thank you to Brenda.  Thank you for blessing me this weekend, for all the things you've done for me that I know in this lifetime I'm sure I can never repay.  Thank you most of all for your friendship!!

I also want to thank all the customers and friends that came to see us this past weekend at the Fredericksburg Trade Days.  I also have to thank Elaine and Betsy especially for your help too this weekend.  We had a great time and sold tons and for this I'm thankful for.  Despite the fact that it was supposed to rain we literally beat the rain by minutes.  Thank God for holding the rain long enough for us to finish loading.  I guess to say I'm thankful for so much this weekend would be an understatement. 

Here recently I find myself posting more to Facebook.  I bucked the idea of using Facebook for so long, it was something new and while I love blogging, I must admit it is easier to use Facebook.  Here are a few pictures from this past weekend:

Hope you have a great week.


  1. Theresa, Elaine and I had a blast having you as our "neighbor" at Trade Days. We can't thank you enough for making our 3rd anniversary special with all the treats you provided for us.
    You are such a sweetheart and it has been my sincere pleasure to get to know you and call you my friend. I'm so glad you had a good show and made it home safely.
    Be glad you left yesterday, it was very slow today.
    Take care, Betsy

  2. OMG your Inventory and the Styling have blown me away!!! I'd need a U-Haul to contain everything I see that I'd want! *Winks* I have a 'Thing' for Old Feather Pillows with Ticking Fabric Covers, I have a "Hoard" of them in fact, just waiting for a Special Project some day... so the ones you have with the Sepia Ticking and added embellishments made my Heart skip a beat!!! I'm totally Inspired! And how Wonderful that a Special Person came into your Life that has made such a Profound difference... I can totally relate to that Blessing.

    Dawn... The Bohemian

  3. God is amazing in all the ways He takes care of us...right down to the people He sends to lighten our loads.
    Glad the show went smooth. I love the pillows!

  4. Super happy to get to spend time with you and Cruz again!
    And I love my down comforter thingy, too!


  5. Glad you had a good sale & that the rain held off for you to load. THAT is always a blessing!!!! I haven't been to Fredericksburg in so long!!! I need to go again as I miss it.

    FACEBOOK/BLOG... the big dilemma... I know a lot of people are feeling the same as you but, I guess I'm old fashioned as I still love the blogs best. Facebook just seems like a blip on someone's radar... If you don't catch the post right when they do it... you miss it. But, I know there is a place for both. Hope you won't discontinue your blog. I do enjoy it. Have a great week.
    HUGS! Charlene

  6. It was so great to see yall and your beautiful booth at Trade Days. It is always truly a pleasure to visit you.


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