Sunday, April 21, 2013

Antique Alley, Cleburne Tx

We had such a fun time at Antique Alley in Cleburne Tx this past Saturday.  We loaded up really early and hit the road.  This was only our second time to come out to this show and I do believe I'm hooked.  I met some awesome new vendors that liked just my kind of things and bought several things from them.  I was really pleased with all the items I found on this trip.  There is just so much to see since it spans 37 miles of being able to go treasure hunting.  Take a look at what caught my eye:

We first stopped at Faith Meadows and found Paper and Lace right away:

I always love what they have displayed and can't wait to see their awesome things in the upcoming Homestead Antique Show in Hico at the end of May.  It'll be our first time to be there too as a vendor.

Next we headed on the down the road to Whipp Farm and came across this booth:

She had a lot of interesting things.

From there we drove and stopped and found many treasures along the way.  Here are my finds:

My favorite find was the really old Chandelier.  I may have to keep this one for awhile.  You can see our newest finds in the upcoming Urban Market Antique Show on May 4th.

Here's another view to include the tall column:

We did have to make one detour and check out Robelyn's booth in Hillsboro:

She had so many great things in her booth.

It was a fun day searching for treasures.  Hope you had a great weekend too.


  1. One of my favorite places to go shop. Sadly I didn't get to go this time, but I'm kinda surprised you didn't run into Cat Daddy. I sent him on Saturday. One of us has to know?
    I seldom, if ever, come home empty trucked and I see you didn't either.
    I pity the fool who tried to get between you and all the great stuff you bought.

  2. What fun and what a great haul! I have always wanted to go to Antique Alley weekend shopping but it's the same time as Trade Days!! Darn. I'm glad you had a good time and came back with some great treasures. I like that column!

  3. We had a great time too - we have always come home with a truck full from this show! Love that column and chandelier!! Next time you go that way you have to check out Heritage Home in Cleburne.

  4. Oh My heavens , what fun this all looks like .. I so miss living back in MO .. we had such fun junkin there like you do in TX...

    Happy Spring ..Sara

  5. My brother and I went on Friday and found some good stuff. Then we went to the Highway 80 sale on Saturday and found more great items. I was too pooped on Sunday to think about taking pics before I took my weekend finds over to my booth.


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