Monday, May 06, 2013

May Urban Market & What's Next

Another fabulous Urban Market Houston Antique Show has come and gone.  I always look forwarding to doing this show and since it's only a day and half you better buy it or it's gone.  As one customer said when she stopped in to ask if the pair of floral chairs she had seen earlier had sold, I said yes they are gone.  She said well she should have bought them the first time when she saw them.  My favortive saying is "the best antique is the one that got away"! 

Thanks to all the customers that came out and for all that stopped by to say hello.  Several of my favorite things I had recently found went to new homes, which is always exciting to hear where they are going to place their new items.

Here are pictures of my booth:

The bed in the second picture was really unique.  It had great old milk paint and when I bought the bed I immediately thought of someone.  Funny, she's the one that bought it.  Several more things in these pics sold and many more items sold that I didn't take a picture of, but here's another view:

We are gearing up and getting ready for our next show, which will be a first for us.  It's the Homestead Spring Antique Fair in Hico Texas.  Hico is such a sweet place, quaint, and just has a down home feel.  Of course with the Homestead store owners, Mike and Brenda James, hosting this event is going to be a great time.  There's always an interesting vignette in their place that you'll love looking at. Check out their Facebook Page to see who recently set up a great vignette there.  It's also a sold out show and will have vendors from all across Texas coming to display their items.  I've come out and shopped this show for years but it will be fun being a vendor here. The show is set for May 24-25 (my birthday weekend).  I hope you'll mark your calendars to come out to this show.

Our next show after Hico is the Junk Hippy Roadshow in Rosenberg on July 13.  I may do another show in between this one, so check back to see where I'll be at.

So many changes are happening for me in the next few months.  I know sometimes we don't always embrace change but for me I'm really looking for to it!  I hope you'll check back to see where the road is leading me.


  1. Loved your booth and so glad you found a pic of your space on my blog. I could not remember who all they belonged to. Your was beautiful and I am loving my little frog I bought from you!

  2. Theresa, As always great to see have you and Cruz at The Urban Market Houston last weekend. Your space was fabulous and look forward to seeing the treasures you will bring on October 27/27 at the next Urban Market!
    Jackie Sharbrough


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