Sunday, July 21, 2013

C is for...

I'm still playing along with Dixie's challenge and since it's Sunday I wanted to share with you what "C" stands for today...Churches.

I'm always fascinated with old Churches, especially abandoned ones.  It's like an abandoned house, why would anyone no longer want to congregate there?  What has made a community abandon a church or a home for that matter.

Did all the church members eventually die and those left no longer wanted to continue here, traditions die and those left behind carry on new ones.  Just my opinion of course or my observation. 

Such is the case with this abandoned church in my town that I had heard about for so long.  I had driven down the country road once before seeking it out but couldn't find it, until my Mother told me about it and reminded me I needed to find it. 

Since it had a fence around it, I really could explore inside, but I sure wanted to. I'll be back to tell you about my Fredericksburg adventure and where we are headed next.

Hope you are having a great Sunday.


  1. The pastor of my church when I was a teenager often said the only way a church could grow was through the youth. Without young people, a church would "die". I often think of his perspective when I see an abandoned church like this.
    So sad that it can't find another church family to love it again.

  2. I hope you are booth feeling much better. It was great to see you guys and visit but I felt so bad for you both.
    I also love seeing old churches and try to take pictures of them. It does make you wonder when you see one that's been abandoned.
    Take care,

  3. And who would be the last person still there - the pastor? a church member? Strange to think about how a church gets abandoned.


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