Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Fields of Inspiration

It's almost time to load up and head to the Fields of Inspiration.  The Zapp Hall Antique Show opens in 9 Days and the time is going so fast that it'll be here before you know it. 

We are headed down this weekend to check out all the vendors that have already arrived in the other fields and I can tell you there's already some awesome things being unloaded (yes we took a quick trip out to the shows last weekend).  There weren't many that had arrived yet, but the one's that were already there were unloading some awesome things.

Don't let anything stop you from coming out to the shows, even if you can only come for one day, it's worth it.

See you at Zapp Hall starting on Sept. 27.  We're in our same spot, right in front of the Zapp Hall building.


  1. Hey Sweet T! Can't wait to see your pics! We are doing Antique Alley on Sunday.

    1. Hey Stephanie, I was hoping to make it too to Antique Alley but it looks like I'm running out of time for the show, so I won't be going. Hope you find lots of great things. I'm hoping you'll come to see me at Zapp Hall too.


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