Tuesday, May 20, 2014

This Last Weekend's Show in Fredericksburg

We had a great time this past weekend at the Fredericksburg Trade Days.  It turned out to be almost one of the best shows we've had there.  Lots of customers were there, I had a birthday to celebrate my upcoming birthday and Trade Days celebrated their Anniversary.  It was all around good time with friends and customers.

Here's a pic of my booth during one of the late nights I was working on my space.

I had been inspired by Ralph Lauren and used lots of flags and blue colors.

Here's more pics:

The last pic showed a stool I made using vintage fabrics.  I included a bible verse on love and the funny thing was when I was looking back at the vintage papers I used on the white piece of paper it had "infidelity" penciled very lightly on it and I thought how appropriate with the bible verse.

 It did find a new home as did several other things in these pics.  I so appreciate everyone that came out and supported us.  See you in June.


  1. Your space looked phenomenal! And as always, it's a joy to see you, my sweet friend!

  2. Theresa, your space was awesome and celebrating your birthday was a blast. I'm glad you had such a good show and fun birthday festivities

  3. I love that table with the sheer spread on it! Glad you had a great show!


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