Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Blog Party

I know that you have been anticipating this post to see who all attended the famous 2nd blog party, which was held on Sunday, September 28th at Zapp Hall. But first, let me show you the setting. Now remember, we are in the middle of a cow pasture that the shows take over twice a year. So with the table set and wine chilling, courtesy of Cheryl of Zapp Hall, we are ready. Thanks again Cheryl for making this possible.

I also must add that there were several that had mentioned they really wanted to come but weren't able, so go head and mark your calendars for the next blog party to be held in the Spring on the grounds at Zapp Hall. There really was a great turn out and it was so much fun, that the pictures just won't do justice to all the laughing, visiting, and fun that we did have. There were several that noticed, okay heard us having fun, and even though they didn't have a blog joined us anyways. That's really what I wanted to happen, regardless if you didn't have a blog, if you had a website, or just wanted to meet other bloggers you were welcome to join.

Here's the crazy crew that were brave enough to attend. We did have a blast!

One of the Chippy girls in disguise. Yes, we also had the book signing going on!!

Here's Shelley reminiscing of days when she was a model!!

There's TOT, Trash, Kim and Shell.

Sweet Susan of Found Around blog.

Trash sister in the background, Renee of A Junk Queen, and Gwen who wants to start a blog soon!

Magnolia crew Robin and Jon with Lulu and Theresa.

Yes, there was laughing and a little dancing going on! Lulu could teach us a thing or two about dancing. There's Amy of Bloom and Bee Swanky in the background (stay tuned for an upcoming post on her Open House):

More blogger friends that stopped by.

Update: Here's Linda and Melinda. Check out Linda's blog for more show updates.

And as you can see we all had a fun day, including Bobby, my neighbor at Zapp:


  1. Dang, I'm gonna plan better next year so I can come to your blog party!

    The Texan Woman

  2. next spring I am leaving the wine alone and the lamp shade at home,but will attend the blog party.

  3. I knew you would all have a great time. Be sure you post about the next blog party early. Your table setting looked oh so chic....you never would have known it was in a cow pasture! Good Job!

  4. We did have a good time, didn't we? And we were pretty much sober! Debbie AKA Tn'T (just in case there are any wanted posters out with a reward)

  5. Looks like lots of fun! I might just have to sneak away from Canton next time.....

  6. looks like your party was enjoyed by one and all. can't believe mayron and my minds froze up and we totally lost track of time. oh, well, thanks for the pics.

  7. I've gotta come to that party. I love to blog... I read yours, have it on my list of fun blogs. Everyone comments on it, how fun it is. It makes 'em crazy to want to get out there and find some GOOD STUFF! Party hard! If you see someone with lots of bells on in the spring, it's me. thanks, PJ

  8. Oh wow! Our picture made it!!! It's Linda and Melinda in the one just above Bobby! What a great time we had, Theresa!

  9. You are NO LONGER MY AGENT...
    xo the artist-formerly-known-as-lulu

  10. p.s. has anyone seen my sunglasses?
    xo the former lulu

  11. Lulu is going to die when she sees that picture....I think trash brought out the devil in her. (More than usual) Always the roving reporter you are. Love ya, Lauri @ chippys

  12. Hey, don't blame me. I was just an innocent bystander, a little lost lamb, a babe in the woods. Oh, and btw, does anybody besides me think LuLu looks like Faye Dunaway in Bonnie & Clyde with that really cute shower cap on? Where did she get such a darling chapeau? That's one for the Christmas card. Tn'T

  13. Great images!

    I am celebrating my 100th post. Please stop by and enter my giveaway.


  14. I am not WOrthY to be compaRed to Faye Dunaway...do you want to be MY AGENt?
    xo e49578 (lulu's new signature)

  15. Holy cow--I can't believe you posted that picture! Oh well I forgive you....



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