Monday, April 27, 2009

2 Awards and more Warrenton News

During this past antique show in Warrenton, I was so excited when I found out that I had made the Show Daily. For those that don't know what this is, it's a bi-annual antique news publication that lists all the shows and maps, and tells of various places to go when you are at the antique shows. It covers all the shows from La Bahia to Round Top, Warrenton, Fayetteville and everywhere in between. It lists adds of the different Show Promoters and Dealers that are here. It's very informative and I always recommend picking up a copy especially if you are new to the shows.

Here are the articles that featured my blog party and Sue's Book Signing that she did while here:

Also, Amie of The Junk Gypsies came over one evening and asked if I'd like to be interviewed by The Junk Mafia. Well, of course I said, who wouldn't. I had seen these guys on-line and boy was that a treat. They are so cute and funny. Loved being interviewed by them, thanks guys and Amie. Here are our pics and links:

Here's Fancy with Darren and John. Check out her blog. She even included me in a post. Thanks Fancy!

Here's Jolie being interviewed.

While I'm on the subject of news, I also wanted to thank Debi at Garden Party and Lisa of La Rustique Market for these awards. Check out their blogs, they are both very interesting.

I have to pick seven bloggers that deserve this award, but again I have to choose all on my link lists because I think this is some of the best bloggers out there.

7 quick things about me:
1. I love, obsess, and am passionate about blogging, but then you'd probably figured this one out already
2. I adore my two boys, husband, family and friends; my life is so complete and full with them in my life
3. I'm an obsessive junker, 24/7 if I could
4. I have to have coffee, flavored please, first thing in the morning; loving the Pecan Flavored from HEB right now. My tastes varies from time to time.
5. I'm constantly trying to learn something new
6. I absolutely plan and am constantly thinking about my next show
7. I find gardening so relaxing and love discovering new plants, just wish I could make them grow

Happy Junkin, T


  1. Those Junk Mafia boys are cute & funny, aren't they?? BIG Congrats on all of your success ~ it is a JOY to see someone who loves what they are doing!!

  2. Congrats on so many levels! From an interview to coverage to awards. I'm so glad I get to rub elbows with you! A big thanks for adding my sale/blog party to your calendar. I'm hoping to see a lot of folks there! ~Mindy

  3. I'm hitching a ride on your tail cause you're a shooting star! I do believe you're already a star to all of us Junk sisters. I wanted to tell you earlier, but forgot, make sure to plant your geraniums in full sun. They will flower prolificly if you do.

  4. I must've seen your Warrenton space if you were in the Bar W field. That's where we parked the final day, back past the linen lady. You weren't the woman I discussed dress forms with by any chance, were you?


  5. Congratulations!! Awesome to be mentioned in such a prominent publication.

    I enjoyed your "7 Quick Things." Regarding #7, ironically, I just posted about gardening. I agree with you... gardening is so relaxing, except now my aging body argues with me a lot. HA!

  6. theresa - i am so glad you are passionate about blogging - i have found the best posts and wonderful links here:) thank you so much...

  7. Congratulations, Ms. Cano! It's about time you had some press (good) about your blogging prowess. What fun! I suppose you're going to need the agent now?
    xo lulu

  8. Congrats to you!!! And very well deserved. I might just make it to Canton-fingers crossed....Love Tiina..

  9. Well after that is it going to cost a quarter to speak to you? HAHA!! Way to go!! I love your posts,always something different!!

  10. You so deserve all the recognition, you are a tireless worker and truly go out of your way to help others...I don't even officially know you, but if I saw ya walkin' on the street, you'd get a big ol' Iowa bear-hug, like we were BFF...that's just the way of it with us crazy bloggers, we're all just soul sisters...and I believe TOT when she says you're the sweetest, she'd know!

    Happy trails sista! (hope you're surviving the puppies)


  11. She works hard for her money! Girl, that song should have been written just for you. Debbie


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