Friday, October 23, 2009

October 17, 2006

was the day I started my blog and it has taken me places and to people that I could have never imagined I'd go or meet.  And, of all things, to miss my Blog Anniversary date.  So, you wonder how I missed this very important date, well I'm sure life and work and all that life brings.

Speaking of life, I am so loving Debra's new blog, A Day In The Life.  If you are missing something in your life and have doubts and a million questions about life, check out her posts. You will not leave the same once you read them, she's so full of wisdom from God and with today's hectic life we all need reminders who we serve and who our provider is and who blesses us daily with all things, the Almighty God.  Thanks Debra for listening to God and starting this new blog.

Okay, I know you are wondering, well what will I do to celebrate my Blog Anniversary.  Well I have no clue, but it has to be super super good, right, to make up for missing it.  First, let me tell you what led me down this road.  I had discovered several blogs, like Debbie Dusenbury's and Elizabeth Maxson's and I was hooked.  But I wondered what exactly is a blog and could I create one?  I am pretty good with a computer but had a lot to learn from my very first post, which you can read here.

Now, on to the celebration.  There has to be fireworks to celebrate, don't you think:

If I invite you to my Blog Anniversary Party, will you come?  You don't have to dress up unless you want to, you can come as you are.  So, you ask what are the details of the party and you want to win a prize too!!  I don't blame you, sounds good doesn't it.  Well here are the rules:

**Leave a comment on this post and if you aren't a follower here's your chance to become one.

**If you leave a comment and tell me you are a follower or that you've just signed up to be one, I'll enter your name twice.

**If you do a post on my Anniversary I'll enter your name three times (now here's upping your chance to win)!

**If you just leave me a comment, you'll at least get one chance.  Or as many as you want depending on how many comments you leave me.

Of course there will be refreshments, if you've ever attended any party I've had there's always refreshments, here's proof from the last one I had:

 Blog Party during the Fall Antique Show


I know you want to know what the prize is, well I'll come up with something good and I promise you you won't want to miss out on winning it.  I'll do a post this weekend on the prize and to up your chance of throwing your name in the hat to win.

So in the mean time, tell me why you started blogging, or what has led you to blogs or are you just a lurker?  I'd really like to know.

And...I'd like to know what you collect?  Here are a few things I like:  tarnished silver, wasp nests, ironston, vintage christmas ornaments, seam binding, globes, flower frogs, trophys, chandeliars, anything with vintage flags on them, pictures of lambs or dogs with children, fish tanks, mirrors with the silver missing, cement urns, apothcary bottles, rosaries and vintage crosses, butter pats, oh the list could go on and on....

Who is talking about this...:
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Anne at Fiona & Twig
Bibby's Rocket
Debra at Common Ground
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Shelley at Sweet Pea
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  1. Hey, Hey looky here am I the first to arrive at the party? I know it's going to be a good one with you as hostess ; ) .... and if this is the only way I can party with the "elite" crew, well I'll take it!!

    Hmmmm....those questions...I was a blog lurker for a year until I started a blog and then it took me another year to start posting ... I'm huge on procrastination! What do I collect? What don't I collect! Mostly I collect what I can use in my projects ... old jewelry pieces, shabby beat up furniture, and broken china for mosaics. Lately my weakness has been dress forms, I'm up to six!

    I'm a follower, stalker, will blog for you, FIRST COMMENTER, and so on ....



  2. hi:) love your new banner!!! congrats on your blogiversary...

    you know i am not even sure of the date i started my blog...i deleted my original one because i was panicking about picture space...anyhoo...i started blogging after being a lurker for several months...i thought it looked like so much fun...and everyone seemed like they really liked each other...and were so encouraging in times of need...i wanted a place to share the things that i love...none of my real life friends love the things that i do...

    i collect old: china, lace, cabinet cards, bisque dolls, jewelry, millinery (when i can find it}, baby clothes, scales, baskets/trays...some other things i can't think of right now...

  3. Yeah!!! Happy Anniversary Sweet T! I started blogging because of you and Trash and TOT. I read about a blog in a magazine, checked out all the links, found the Marburger girls and my life hasn't been the same since! I will be a follower. Now, what do I collect? Grungy Ironstone, Hotel Silver, very old Mother and Child prints, crack head babies, and rosaries, etc. Congratulations on your Anniversary. Big Hugs, Patricia

  4. Awww, you started blogging on my birthday! That must be why I feel such a kinship to ya.
    Happy, Happy Blogiversary! I *still* don't understand how you manage to do it all, but I'm just hoping some of it rubs off.

    Okay, so why did I start blogging? I've always been a writer, but hadn't felt inspired to do so in a very long time. My passion for junking stirred up the creative juices, and it's been a thrill ride ever since. It's only been a little over 2 months now, seems like I've been doing this forever.

    I collect Humpty Dumpty's! Weird, huh?
    Off now to post on your anniversary in my blog!

  5. Hi, Thank you for blogging away so diligently! I just discovered this via Gypsy Brocante & am blogging at and etsying & tweeting as bibbysrocket. ;)

    I started blogging because I HAD to (for work and then for myself) -- am a writer, editor, photographer and collector of so many things -- vintage books for making art, vintage clothes for wearing and admiring, and antique and vintage furniture for storing all that stuff (need a bigger house though!).

    For Gypsy Brocante -- how do you find the dress forms? I have had no luck with that...

    Anyway, describing things and "talking" while working, blogging is the perfect distraction.

  6. p.s. started following your blog and finding new links. thanks again!

  7. Hi T,
    Congrats on your anniversary, I just had one too.
    I'm a follower, commentor, lurker,
    I collect portraits,silver, copper, brass, books, hats, jewelry, ironwork, pottery, chandeliers, urns, baskets, amber glass, vintage linens, one trophey, I coveted much more stuff ...
    I started a blog for therapy, I am a reclusive and needed to meet people other than my freinds and family. I think it does one good to hear oneself talk... express, create, and learn. Boy do I have a long way to go. It's been fun.
    Sign me up.

  8. I blogged congratulations to you ;)

  9. Hi, Happy Anniversary. You were were my first introduction to the blog world and I have followed you for over a year. I would love to be a follower...I have started a blog but still a little scared to do that first posting.

    I am a huge vintage collector...I think you have been to some of the cottage sales in Dallas that have been hosted by fellow sistas that love to collect. I hope to be able to attend a blogging party in Warrenton next time...I hope to be able to set up a has been way to long for me.

    Thanks for such an awesome blog and for sharing so much with all of us. Best wishes.



  10. First, I have looked at your blog, and I think I've posted comments on past posts, but today I am a follower! Your blog is terrific, and I enjoy it tremendously. Happy Anniversary!! Although my "on blogger since" says Oct 08, I didn't really post until months after that, as I'm not so good with the computer. If you look at my early posts, there's no pictures as I had trouble getting them on my blog!I'm still havimg issues with links. I blog partially to write, like so many other bloggers! I've had a few articles published, and long for more. I blog to connect with other junkers, and love feeling a part of their worlds. I collect brown transferware, numbers, fruit, mannequins and dress forms(I have 4), trophies, and more. I've stacked up quite a collection of birthdays as well! So cheers to you, Susan

  11. hello, I've followed your blog since 2007. I even drove all the way from Canada to the fall 2008 sale to buy treasure from you and all the others at Warrenton/Marburger.I LOVE and collect all the things you sell in your booth. Ohmy, I do love a party.
    bev from Canada

  12. Hey Theresa, what a surprise when I read your blog this morning! Thank you so much for being a great friend and supporter!
    Well, you know that you were the reason I started blogging in the first place, because I'd been lurking on YOUR blog for over a year! So I will be coming to your party FOR SURE! When I started my blog I joined as your follower first thing.
    Now what do I NOT collect would be the correct question. I love lambs and collect anything that is vintage concerning them. Have tons of old silver, ironstone platters and pitchers. Old prints, old frames, brown transferware, old tea towels and English cottage tea sets.(just to name of few of my addictions)
    I'll add you on my post for Vintage Black Friday and tell people to get on over here for your celebration!
    Happy, Happy 3 year Blogaversary, dear. You are our inspiration!
    Big Hugs,

  13. happy anniversary, theresa! val does the blogging for the red shed, so i guess i am a follower- a devouted follower. i barely miss a day! i personally collect lace, ironstone, rhinestones and any/everything vintage religious. sorry i missed you at zapp hall this time. you were shopping marburger! michele jones

  14. I'm thinking I started because all of us at Leola's started talking about blogs (including Debra of Common Ground) & I, too, loved Curious Sofa blog. It was so great to meet so many kindred souls from decorating alike to liking the same books and music. I collect ironstone, bread boards, turkeys, vintage Christmas, barleytwist candlesticks, flower frogs, monogrammed silverware & probably a doz. other things. Congrats on your blogiversary & keep up the good work. Jan

  15. Yay! Happy Blogiversary! So excited to be at the party!

    Now, on to what I collect...white milk glass, tarnished silver, English dishes, ironstone, old French postcards, vintage jewelry and now really loving vintage wooden stamps.

    Oh, and I already follow your shop blog, and just signed up to follow this one, too.


  16. Hi Theresa,
    Well I have loved your blog for the longest time, but had never become a follower, so today I did! I started blogging in Feb. this year. Before I was a lurker, a stalker of your blog actually, and a few others. I never left comments when I was a lurker, because I didn't have an account (didn't know how to set one up and I didn't know you could do it any other way) My daughter who had a blog would post some of my pics on her blog and would always say I needed one of my own so she set it up for me and I have loved it so much!
    I collect and a lot of vintage items. I'm really into vintage lace and fabrics and garden 'stuff' at the moment.

  17. Congrats! Happy Blogiversary to You!
    I started lurking at the junk Gypsies and Curious Sofa like you did several years ago, then off to so many, many, wonderful places. Isn't it amazing how this internet has introduced us to so many people we could Never,ever have expected to meet in our whole lifetimes! Really an amazing life "tool". Thanks so much Al Gore!
    Anyway,I have been a constant follower/lurker, and 'enjoyuer' of yours and am so very happy Garden Antqs Vintage is here. You can't even imagine how many people I have sent to this wonderful place. Please put my name in the hat, I am rsvp-ing now!

  18. You can remember the date you started blogging? WOW, I have to go back and look at mine...sometime last year!

    I've just signed up to be a follower and I loved looking at all the pictures on your blog. Why oh why aren't there nice stuff like this where I live. Oh well, better for me I guess, less money spent!!

    Well, here's wishing you a HAPPY BLOG ANNIVERSARY!


  19. How awesome! I just celebrated my 2nd blogiversary and it got me thinking along these lines too. It's especially funny (or for me, cringe-inducing) to read original posts. I remember agonizing over it, re-writing/deleting, yadda yadda).

    I started blogging because (a) so many awesome people inspired me and (b) Colleen (freshvintage) yelled at me for not doing so.

    Guess you can say I'm hooked now! XOXOX

  20. Hey T, happy blogoversary! Gosh I can't remember my anniversary date~~I'll have to look that up... I'm sure I started by discovering the same two fab bloggers~Deb and Elizabeth. Of course I follow you~~I'd follow you anywhere... What do I collect? Practically the same stuff as you~~wasp nests, brown transferware, tarnished silver, shaving mirrors, old mirrors and empty frames, grain sacks, string... Wow that's alot of stuff!!

    Hugs chickadoodle,


  21. I came over from Gypsy Brocante to wish you a Happy blogaversary!

    I started blogging as a way to talk about my dolls and miniatures, but it has evolved into much more!

    Once I ventured out of my comfort zone, i.e, strictly miniature blogs, I discovered lots of other blogs and learned about blog parties, such as Vintage Black Friday, Pink Saturdays, etc . . .

    And as I started visiting other blogs I rediscovered my love of crafting and got all energized to finally redecorate my house!

    I'm totally hooked on blogging and it's amazing I ever get anything done with all the blogs I visit, LOL!

    Okay, now I forgot what your second question, was, oh, yeah, what do I collect?

    My first love is miniatures, and then let's see, apothcary bottles, vintage gloves, vintage hankies, vintage lace and textiles, baubbles and shiny things, ANYTHING PINK, flamingos, anything sassy, frenchy . . . . whatever catches my eye!!!

    Have a fab weekend!


  22. Hi! Your party sounds like a great time!!
    I blog to share the things I make and also to share my "finds". I really enjoy blogging and love all the new people I have met. I love to read blogs to collect ideas for new things to make or new decorating ideas.

    What do I collect: anything that speaks to my heart: lace, button, vintage sewing things, anything roses or pink!! The better question is what don't I collect. Happy Anniversary!

  23. Of course I had to become a follower, how else could I keep up with all your neat pictures??

  24. Congrats! What a wonderful thing to celebrate, cause the blogging world is certainly blessed by your presence here! I always look forward to catching up and seeing what you are up too and what you have found and where you are goin! :D
    Me - lurker for about a year and a half. Started with with Posie gets Cozy. Then when my friend started one, well I had to too! :D
    Collections - epherma, vintage sheet music, anything silver and tarnished, ironstone, old vintage pics and much like a magpie, anything that just catches my eye! :D

    Congrats again! Happy anniversary!

  25. Congratulations! Wow 3 years now. That's awesome! I am a follower of yours and love reading what you blog about. Happy Blogiversary!

  26. I've not missed a party yet...of course I'll join in the fun!

    You know I've tried blogging but cant keep up so I enjoy the ride.

    As far as what I collect...well let's see...things I like, nothing really in particular, I've been trying to slow down and drag out all the things I "had to have" (omg from the 80's) but put away...they are back in style, what goes around...
    Oh look, a german chocolate cake, slice me a thin piece, please...hehe!

  27. A blurker? no way... I am authentic, just like you and Happy Blogiversary! I started blogging because I wanted to write about our yard sale excursions. No one would listen, but I don't care, just wanted to type and get this stuff out! Of course I will follow you! Found you on Gypsy Brocade, will never look back! Happy VBF! Suzy

  28. Congratulations on your anniversary! I have been a follower for a while and enjoy your blog and your adventures in the antique and flea market world! I began blogging in February as a means to share my many collections and as a creative outlet. I find it to be a great stress reliever and have grown to love sharing my passions with the community.I collect everything imaginable and have done so since a child. I hope to celebrate many more anniversaries with you...Congrats!
    Take care, Laura

  29. Three years, huh? How many posts is that? I got a long way to go to catch up and a short time to get there!
    I started blogging because I got tired of only having the dog to talk to and what do I collect...dust mainly and my thoughts!
    P.S. I have been a follower as soon as you put that widget up! I did a short post, but I'm planning a little sump'n sump'n. Wait and see! Gotta increase my chances with all the comments you got going on!

  30. I think I was the first to find you way back when!
    The blog that got me started was Shabby Miss Jenn who I found on ebay. I saw her comments and thought does she know people from all over the world??? Now I do too :)
    Thanking God for blogging!!!!
    (although mine is not viewable these days...for awhile...)
    Congratulations :)
    It would be faster to say what I DON'T collect...if I could think of anything LOL.

  31. Hey Theresa, well, I always "thought" I followed your blog but when I checked, guess I didn't. So let's say, I always "read" your blog and now am officially a follower as well. I started blogging first to get the name of my store, Country Roads, out there. Someone had been doing a website for me, and she quit working at the store, so I sort of took over. Then I also realized that every day sort of has a story to tell, so that was my other reason for blogging. The whole blogging experience it kind of like networking in that we meet all kinds of people that live everywhere and find the things we share with them!! Congrat's on your blog anniversary and I'm glad you got to meet my Country Roads family. I look forward to getting down to Texas hopefully in the Spring. Take care Theresa!!

  32. Well,
    T you sure know how to throw a great Party! I have been a follower of you since the beginning of the year when my daughter, Heather, started her blog and said Hey, Mom check out this blog, Huh? I said. This gal really has it together and I emailed her about Matildas, said Heather! Blog..what's that, I say..She tells me how to find you And, I know my way around a computer, but NEVER blogged..that was for the I thought! Well, need I say, it was love at first Blog! I was hooked. I visited your blog every day...never really dreaming that were many, many out there who did this blogging thing! THEN, the turning point was meeting you at Warrenton in the Spring...Yep, that did ARE my inspiration girl! Then and now! Are we getting sugaryhere...sorry I'll move on. I started my blog in May and have never looked back. I LOVE it.. I have met some of the most famtastic gals...all for the starting point of GARDEN ANTQS VINTAGE...I love old Religious, chippy and rusty heavy iron, chandeliers and whiteware. and loads of other crusty old things...Thank you Thank you Thank you for always inspiring and sharing. Now let's get out there and do some real partying!! HAPPY #3Blogaversary
    My Best

  33. Happy Blog anniversary!
    It was lovely to discover your blog via Anne.
    I look forward to coming back for another visit.

    Happy weekend

  34. I'm a new follower...and I love your blog :o) I started a blog to store all the great inspiration I find out there, and to record for posterity the furniture goof-ups and makeovers I like to do.
    I adore antique furniture...gramma was a primitives antique dealer and mom was a collector and interior designer. I come by it honestly.:o)
    Stop by and wave hello if you get a chance.

  35. HI! Just found you and LOVE vintage stuff and your blog! Ok, you're being followed....

  36. Me again... I started blogging just this year. My neighbor who emails always, inspired me to start one...So I have 2!
    Come visit (O:

  37. Right now my collection is....ummmm, Dust Bunnies!!
    Congrats on your blogaversary and thanks for the invite to the party!

  38. Hi Miss Teresa,

    Well I have finally jumped in to the blogging pool after admiring you and TOT for years. I wish Round Top would have been possible this fall....maybe you will join Tot at Brimfield soon.

    Your blog picked a great day to get started-it is my birthday as well as that of Garden Antqs Vintage.

    I just signed up as a follower and have you to thank for getting me going....even if you didn't realize it.


  39. Love a good party!! I am a follower, and blogged about your party on my Sat post.

    I came to bloggy land when I moved away from my hometown life of 47 years to a new place with no friends- blogging was and still is such a friend to me!

    I collect pretty dishes with roses (pink) , love pin money banks, vintage jewelry, have a fetish for lamps and pretty little vases, linens-
    Have lots of things I would love to collect but they are so out of my price range!

  40. Hi Theresa. I saw a post about your anniversary on Debra's Common Ground blog. So I'd like to wish you a very happy anniversary. My mothers name was spelled just like yours.

    A few months ago I don't really know what I was doing that brought up a blog but when I that there were blogs with crafty women out there I was just hooked. Before that I just couldn't image what the bid deal was. Now I realize just because they don't live in my neighborhood, it doesn't mean there are tons of other people who are like me. I love the Lord, crafting,junking,decorating and reading about everyone elses creations, lives and adventures. I've met so many sweet new friends. Well needless to say I'm hooked. It feels a void of friendship and common interest.

    As far as collecting. I love vintage and antiques mixed with classic and modern, love vintage fabrics, bluebirds and sparrows, paper crafts and embellishments, old jewelry, vintage tin sand pails or beach buckets, old cup cake toppers and vintage decorations halloween, Christmas & Easter, well all of them.

    Anyway Happy Anniversary....Tracy

    P.S. Stop by and visit sometime.

  41. Oh yeah. I forgot to tell you I'm following too. I can't wait to come back and spend some time looking at your past posts.

    I love your chair full of pumpkins!

  42. Hello.... I am a follower.... I started my blog after retirement and spending time reading others decided to try one of my own.... and have been hooked every since.... I love silver.... lace... vintage hats and hat pins.... and perfume bottles and the list becomes endless. I love the crystals and look of glam.... Congrats to you and blessings

  43. Loving that new,three years I had never heard of blogging back then,does that make you older than me,hahahha~ I will not get into what I have a good idea I'm sure,enjoy your day,Chrissy

  44. Happy Blogaversary Sweet T:)
    If it was not for this beautiful virtual world we live in, I would have never had the pleasure of meeting you:)))

    Blessings and Hugs,
    Carol~Raised In Cotton

  45. Hey there T,
    I am a follower, and your blog is one of the first I found a couple of years back. I was so excited because you are in Texas (where I spent 13 years) and I love and miss Texas! It took me about 9 months of reading blogs before I started my own...I read your list that you collect and mine looks similar, except the fish tanks and wasp nests (although I thought about it after round top last year) and add mercury glass, wrought iron, vintage candy containers, ephemera, etc etc
    Happy B A! I am going to try to get a post done tonight that includes your big day!

  46. Theresa~ You are so sweet and I can't wait to see what you have in store for us. It is so thoughtful of you to always showcase others, even in your first post.

    Have a wonderful weekend.


  47. Hey Theresa,
    It was GREAT to see you today! What a wonderful surprise. Sorry your time was short, but hopefully it was a good trip. I am already a loyal follower and wishing you a happy blogging anniversary. I started blogging recently. The only blog I really knew was Dream in Cream and was so inspired by it. Several friends encouraged me to start, so here I am....learning from all of you! So glad I did as it really is a tight little group of Antique Bloggers. I get tons of ideas and have met so many wonderful people.

    What I collect???? You saw our booths today...Mom collects old perfumes and pretty much anything from the 50's that reminds her of her childhood. I like shabby, rusty and eclectic stuff. I move from creams to colors on a whim. I do have a lunch box collection at home. I love old lamp shades, bird cages and medicine cabinets. Usually a good selection of these in our booths.

    Okay, more than you asked for. Have a great weekend and get back to Fort Worth some time soon. I really am going to plan a trip out to see you soon.
    Denis (AKA Cute to Boot)

  48. Happy Blogaversary Theresa!!!

    I began blogging mostly for two reasons... to reach abroader customer base and to tell my customers more about my everyday life (boring as it is, lol) because my email updates were getting too long!

    I collect many, many things. Right now crazed, stained ironstone, aqua pottery, and antique, torn, tattered pincushions are my passions.

    Thanks for the virtual party!
    God Bless!

  49. And I'm now following you (thought I already was, lol).

    I'll blog about this and will come back to let you know...

  50. Hi! I just discovered you, and have bookmarked you so I can return often.
    Why did I start blogging? Because I like to write...and talk a lot! my kids and grandkids (and whoever else graces me with their reading) will know me better by seeing what's inside my head at any given moment.
    What do I collect? Hmmm...whatever catches my eye...but it's usually something older. I have enamel ware, wicker, lace,and little tea sets. I have old furniture, mostly rustic, iron beds and wood.. old watering cans,'thunder mugs' and wash pitchers and bowls, suitcases, neat stuff and junk. You never know what I might drag home. I'm a family historian, genealogist, photographer, card maker and writer and painter and scrapbooker...what that translates to is a good deal of collection of craft stuff..especially papers! I've loved paper since I can remember...and pens almost as much!
    We're recyclers too...feeling that old stuff is better because it's still useful, better made, and fun to find.
    That's about it...come visit me at my blog and leave a note.

  51. Hey Theresa,
    Congrats to you on your blog anniversary! I wouldn't miss your party for the world girl!

    Now, as you might already know, you my dear was the reason I started blogging. I came across your blog and was hooked and so inspired to be like you! Ha! I know...I'm far from that but you have made this adventure for me so much fun and fufilling that before I go and post my comments or do a post on my own blog I have to check your blog out first! Now, as far as what I collect? Just about anything that catches my eye...which is everything! My most favorites are: bibles, rosaries, santos or anything religious, garden related items i.e. statues, urns, etc.

    Anyway, thanks for the good times and hope to spend many more with you!

    Love and Peace~

  52. i love a good party...especially if i don't have to leave my house to have bath.
    you know your blog was one of the first ones that totally inspired me to follow the texas junking trail and jump on the wagon to take me there. i don't know how many times i relied on your photos, resources, and stories for inspiration to carry me one more day thru a long deployment and a great booth that helped me sail thru 2 years of texas with ease.
    i thank you so much for your commitment to the talented and thriving community of texas collections and vendors....yourself included of course!!!!!! and i look forward to keeping up virtually with all the parties you girls like to have!!
    you know what i love to collect....junk....but specifically....anything pre-1960's...vintage...rose inspired. most favorite...vintage dishes, ephemera, old prom dresses, linens galore, lace, vintage hats, vintage garden things, rose paintings, old books, junk i can repurpose, cast off lamps with cherubs or roses, dress forms, vintage mirrors, vintage smalls, lady statues, old shabby chairs, white/cream ironstone, vintage fabric and furniture that makes a statement...oh and chandies...lots of prisms...and everything else cute that makes my heart beat fast.
    thanks for inviting me along.
    congrats on your anniversary.

  53. Happy Blogiversary!!!!!
    Your blog is so drool worthy!
    I was a stalker for almost a year and my husband finally convinced me to blog..especially now that I'm so far away from my family and friends.

    I became a follower of yours almost immediately after starting my blog and I come with a napkin to wipe the drool everytime!!! :)

    I collect ornate frames, tarnished silver, white dishes, old photos, birdcages and birds...and of course ANYTHING french.
    I blogged about your blog b-day...
    CONGRATS again!!!!!

  54. Hey sweet girl!!!! Can you believe it??? How much we love blogging and the precious friends we've made while doing it? I finally had to make my own blog after enjoying The Plum Tree blog so much ~ Happy Blogiversary dear friend, and I just have to say how glad I am that you're here!!! I love that you take the time to share all of the wonderful places you visit, and you know I love them all!!!! Keep on blogging sista...I'm a follower and off to post about your great giveaway! OH and what do I collect...ummm what do I not?? Old books with gorgeous graphics, beautiful antique bird images, speckled eggs, nests, antique ecru lace, buttons, rhinestone jewelry and anything I can place an assemblage in! xxoo, Dawn

  55. Thank you for your beautiful blog. I guess I am still a lurker on so many blogs but I started my own blog a little while ago to meet those of you who I lurk and to meet those of you who lurk at my blog! My most recent collections seems to be wire display pieces and paper ephemera. I am a follower and I have posted about your blog anniversay on my blog. Please know that you inspire me every day!

  56. I'm already a follower and would love to be entered in your drawing.

    I love your place here. Always such great pics.


    barbara jean

  57. Oh Miss T, a follower? I'm a follower, a worshiper, a groupie and on and on. How exciting about your party. Please count me in. Love you, Lauri

  58. Hello and congratulations on this milestone. I've come over from The Feathered Nest.

    I'm a lurker, but rapidly increasing the blogs I follow (including yours!). I get so much creative input from the blogs I hardly have time to think about starting my own. But I am... thinking, that is.

    I love velvet ribbon & lovely old flowery bits, and mercury glass & olde Christmas glass.

  59. I found you via The Feathered Nest and just became a follower. I don't blog but I love reading them.

    What I love to collect...anything vintage..... Christmas ornaments, photos, postcards, childrens books, wooden spools, etc, etc, etc. My dream is to own a dress form but they are really hard to find here.

    Happy Anniversary!

  60. wow, happy anniversary, i found you throug fiona & twig, so glad i did, i am now a follower and am off to explore your blog, thanks

  61. Thanks to Dawn of The Feathered Nest I popped over after visiting her this evening. Happy, Happy Blogiversary! Ditto on all your thoughts of the journey.
    I am going to following and post about it on my sidebar.
    What I collect...just about anything...rusty pre-loved treasures.
    Tuesday evening blessings ;-)

  62. Congratulations on your anniversary! I found you thru the feathered nest, and now I'm a follower. Don't know exactly when I started blogging. I'm not computer savy, so am still trying to get it going!
    I love vintage stuff...old sewing things, paper ephemera, actually anything paper, bottles, jewelry and my collection of green depression glass.

    Please include me in your giveaway! Thanks.

    Smiles and Blessings. Nancy

  63. This is such a great party, that I will have to dress up for it! I am now a follower and will also post on my blog. Congratulations!

    I just started blogging in hopes it will help me get out of my rut and try new experiences. It already has and I am excited to see where this journey will take me.

    Happy Anniversary!

  64. Congratulations! Lurker sounds so well...creepy...but that's what I've been! I've follwed you in the shadows for awhile not knowing that I could follow someone if I didn't have a blog so I finally jump in the water and created one. i am so glad I did! It's actually quite liberating not to be a "lurker" anymore! You have a beautiful blog and I enjoy visiting often. I collect almost anything that speaks to me with chips, crazing and old,old,old!Thanks, I am now an official follower and am putting your anniversary on my blog. Theresa

  65. I've been a follower for a long while, but can't seem to find the courage to start a blog! As far as collecting, I can never have enough mirrors. Congrats on an absolutely wonderful blog, and thanks for bringing us all such great inspiration and beauty, and for the chance to win!

  66. Love your site - I keep coming back to it LOL. I'm posting on my blog about your wonderful anniversary party.


  67. I love your blog, became a follower after meeting you in RT last month. I bought some lovelies from you. I hope I'm not too late for your giveway, but I'm doing a post tonight that will include you. I would really love for you to look at some of my posts and see what you think. I love to collect old letters, scrapbooks, albums, journals and notebooks from days gone by. I get lost in looking through the lives and stories of people no longer here. I wonder how these treasures ended up in a flea market and not in the home of a relative. I love them as my own tho and sometimes they become art. Happy Anniversay! Lisa

  68. Oh YES! Please enter me too....I'm so hoping to win this biggie!


  69. Congrats on the great anniversary! I honestly started blogging to get the word out on my business but got so much more than that! I love the ideas, the inspirations, the stories! I love your stuff, glad I found it and count me in as a new follower!

  70. A party? I'm all over it!
    Congrats! You have a super blog here.

    I will gladly follow!

  71. Woohoo a party!!! Beautiful did I miss it? I have begun following you and am going now to post on your giveaway on my blog (

    Good luck everyone!!


  72. I am happy to be following your blog. Happy Blogiversary to you! That's quite an accomplishment!

    Me, I struggle to keep up with mine along with everything else but I do enjoy it. I also enjoy reading some others as well. Take a peek if you have time - I'd be pleased if you followed me, too!

    What do I collect? Well, I'm a natural born collector of pretty and unusual things. I have stashes of beads and jewelry findings, fabric and fibers, shards of glass and pottery for mosaic work, ephemera and paper... you name it, I've probably got the beginnings of a stash in it.

    Blog on!


  73. Happy Happy to you!!And many Congrats.. Tough questions you threw out there when one gets to thinking...but I supppose I started to blog... 1, to get out frustrations, 2....a fellow Blogger, "stole' my photos, ideas.. and as I watched her continue this facade with all you TRUE artistes and bloggers... I guess it became addicting to write! Writing has always been good therapy...but you would think in my field of work..(will be a NP in 3 months!) I have written my fair share... So away I blog.. COLLECCTING... ? Tattered Torn, VIntage, Rusty, Chippy, green or white... Eastern European finds... mostly from the Gypsies!!..ok... so I did just take 2 day hiatus into Paris, just for the fleas while I was over there... Hey.... a girl has to have a little oh la la....I do it all for the love of mystery, beauty...and find amazing things for my TRUE friends...
    Many more blogiversaries for you!!

  74. Happy Blog Annv! I need to do a give away for my Blog Annv. I'm late for that!!!! Where does time go... Anyway, to join your party why did I start a blog? To find other like minded gals that were interested in some of the same things I was. And to see the great ideas out there that we all share. Yes, I will follow you & yes, I am posting the fireworks picture & a link to your site. So, please enter me in your giveaway 3 times. And again... Happy Annv.

  75. Happy Blog Anniversary! I'm a lurker...don't have a blog of my own, but love visiting this one and many others. I love trash to treasure projects, home decorating with garage sale, flea markets and sale finds! I love vintage photos, vintage jewelry, old door knobs, corbels, etc. I love making things, don't feel I'm good at it, but enjoy the heck out of it. I love your blog. It's great inspiration. I have you bookmarked on my toolbar and check out your blog at least once a week! Again, congratulations!

  76. A Happy Blog Anniversary and many more!! I have included you on my blog site! Art of Mine!!
    I started my Blog last year with the intent of posting my art projects but have not been very good in keeping it going with life stuff always happening. I collect jewelry, paper, material for sewing, arts and craft magazines,colored pencils, paints, vintage post cards....ok well I collect just about anything that makes my heart jump and the feeling of knowing "I must have it"!!! Please enter me in your drawing and thank you so much!! Can't wait to party!! :D

  77. Well I would like to wish you a Happy Blogiversery! I just became a follower and must say you have a beautiful blog.

    I just created a blog a couple of days ago for my pet photography and my random thoughts but haven't made any posts or customization yet. I hope to do that this weekend. I hope I can make even half as nice as yours.

    Oh and about what I collect... I collect many different things: gray cats, primitive things, books, animal figurines, dolls, and many other things. I am very eclectic.

    I hope all is well.

    -- Chelsea

  78. I started blogging this past may with the intentions of just writing my thoughts and whatever happens in and around my life, but it has snowballed into some wonderful blogging universe that I cannot control and have no intentions of stopping. I have met so many wonderful people and have acquired a couple of new friends...why would I leave now? I collect too many things to write down...kind of a serial collector. I collect black Americana, red polka dot fire king bowls, any book with a family member name in it's title, antique German maps, antique frames, 40's retro store signs, and on and on...
    Congrats on your anniversary and hope to visit you again and again.Come and mosey on to my blog when you have a chance...


  79. Oh yeah, I also collect mad's a childhood thing, 1950's linen, vintage Christmas and Halloween ornaments. Wow...3 years is a long time.


  80. I'm gonna follow you...pinky swear...LOL


  81. I started blogging because I love to

    I collect:
    cream and white dishes
    soup tureens

  82. Hey! I just posted about your giveaway!

    Have a great weekend!


  83. Hi there...I'm so new to this blogging thing and just posted my 56th post.So Happy Happy Anniversary to you...I so enjoy all of your postings and look forward to each new post..I am having such a love affair with the gals of blogland. I am in a hotel in texas visited canton today and hope to come see your booth tomorrow..time permitting.Drop by and say Hi when you get a chance!

  84. Thank you for the invite to your party! Happy Anniversary!

    Wow, it's hard to narrow down what I collect. My husband would probably say, "What doesn't she collect!"

    Anyway, I love white pottery and ironstone, vintage fabric and lace, buttons etc...

    Oh, yes I'm a follower!

  85. T, you just live too far away for me to come party with you - but I hear you have the best parties!
    I started blogging to photo journal the renovation of Museville so I wouldn't get discouraged --this way I could always see how far we have come instead of focusing on how far we have to go! It's sort of turned into more about life along the way - but that's life, isn't it? Everchanging =)
    You know I'm a follower and a fan and I'd love to be in the drawing!
    xo Isa


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