Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Spring Time at the Shows ~ And My Booth

I have so much to show you and share with you about the Spring Antique shows that I'm not sure where to start.  So I'll start out by telling you just how beautiful the weather turned out.  It couldn't have been any better, it was a bit windy some of the the days and hot toward the end of the show, but it sure beats having any rain.  Each morning as I would head out to my booth I could hear the birds chirping and of course the frogs would sing all night.  It's just feels like such a beautiful place that you don't want to leave.

The parties we attended were so much fun.  Zapp Hall officially opened on Friday and this was also the opening day of The Clutter Antique Show.  Then on Saturday, we headed out to Leftover's for their party.  Of course you all know that Sunday was the Blog Party.  Tuesday, was the opening day of Marburger, which is always a must attend event. 

I know you want to see pictures of all that was there and you know this will take many many posts to show it all to you.  I'll start out by showing my booth this year at Zapp Hall:

There is the Robin's Egg Blue sofa I had told you about.  I just loved it and it sold.  The concrete deer was also a recent find and I believe it was headed back to Washington (I told it to say hello to the Barn House guys) and the blue window it was on also sold.  The other thing I want to point out in this picture is the chandeliar, by the umbrella.  I just loved it too when I saw it and it also went to a new home. 

I think each day I'll show you pictures of what I saw or where we went while at the shows.  I hope by seeing the pictures in the next several posts that you are already making plans to come out to the Fall show or if you did come out that you'll be there again in the Fall.  Thanks to all the customers that came out and bought or the friends that stopped by to say hello or the goodies you brought me.  I also enjoyed meeting so many new people, which I'll do a post on.  You are such a great group of people.


  1. Love that sofa....it must be hard to part with all the great stuff you find....but if you want more new stuff you have to let some go....some day Im make a trip to texas!

  2. Your space looks perfect! I mean drool worthy!! Beautiful! I am having the best time looking at all of the photos that everyone is posting about the show and your party! I have got to get myself there to have all the fun with you one day! I can't wait to see more! Theresa

  3. Teresa, oh everything in your booth has got me swooning! How bid was that pitcher in the cabinet? It looks huge ~ was it ironstone! Love the robin's egg sofa ~ to die for!!! Hope the sales went well and glad you had such great weather. Thank you for the well wishes on my daughter, Emily.

  4. I wish I had paid attention to the name on your booth...we walked into it....but were running late...so did not spend much time in any one's booth I'm afraid.

    I think you had a bowl of dried hydrangeas in a bowl ...that I took a pic of.
    Glkad you had a good show this time.
    That LUCIOUS blue couch had already been sold I believe before we got there.


  5. Your booth is awesome!! Can't wait to see more pics and read about the show! So glad the weather cooperated!

  6. Amazing fun... oh how I wish I was there, have a great week.


  7. Hi Theresa, your booth looks wonderful as always! Love the robin's egg blue theme you have going on. So springy and fresh! Thanks so much for taking the time to visit with me on the phone, it was so so sweet of you and I know you were busy! You know I would have loved to have been there!
    big hugs,

  8. I don't know what you're talking about, sugar, but I definitely just clicked and enlarged each of the pix on that whole page, which I actually loooooove! Whatever you're using didn't make a difference. Beautiful photos too, honey....

  9. i've been eagerly awaiting the round top report:) the sofa is completely mouthwatering! i honestly don't know how you parted with it...


  10. Your booth looks fabulous!~ so happy the weather turned out good for you... Thank You for being the eyes for all of us that didn't get to go~ XO

  11. Teresa, I hate it that I missed your party. Jodi made it sound like sooooooooooo much fun! Maybe next time! Love that chandalier too! Glad it was a good show. Can't wait to see more pictures! Charlene

  12. I will look for that deer up here! I see why you were tempted to keep that sofa. Gorgeous.

  13. I love getting to see your show pics! Your booth always looks like a million bucks!
    Did you have any trophies leftover...like the one in picture #2?

  14. I love the look of your booth---gorgeous!

  15. Theresa~
    I loved your booth, and so wish I could have seen that robin's egg blue sofa! Beautiful =)
    I plan on adding you to my blog roll, so I can keep up with you...since we ARE neighbors....and always make it to your booth =)
    Yes, it was hands down the BEST show I have been to~and I have been going for well over....years!
    I plan on sharing pictures of each day, and of course your booth in in my day one.
    Take care!

  16. Your booth was just full of yummy goodness! I really really want to try and make the fall show. I've never been and seeing your wonderful booth really makes me more and more determined to get there!

  17. OH I have been waiting for your pics and you did not disappoint!! Keep um comin! Yee-Haw!

  18. What a great things you let see us, i love that vintage so much.

    greetings from Irma from the Netherlands

  19. Pssssst, everybody.....as drool worthy as her stuff looks on the computer, it looks even better in person. Which means, get your hineys down to Warrenton in the Fall to see firsthand just what I'm talkin' about.



  20. Dear T. C. Glad you're back from the trenches and that it all went well. I came...this...close to getting there from Albuquerque, but we'll try again another time. So glad you make time to take all the pictures! I also took your advice of so long ago and started a blog for my shop. I had to start one for my family first to get the ropes down a little. There's so much to learn! Thanks for being such a cheerleader! I always start my browse with your site. Thanks to you, Jacqueline

  21. Theresa, I really enjoyed visiting with you at Warrenton, sounds like you had a wonderful time!!! Your booth looked wonderful as always. I came back to take pictures,so sorry I missed you. Blessings... Daphne

  22. WOW!! YOur booth looks amazing!

  23. Oh T...your space is just dreamy! I'm so happy you all had such beautiful weather for the show! It certainly makes a difference, doesn't it! Bravo....your booth is beautiful! Congrats on the good show! LA

  24. Theresa,
    I am so glad we got to spend some time together...not nearly enough, but I am thankful for what we had! Your space as usual looked so inspiring. You always have such a great eye for using a wonderful abundance of textures...I love that! So glad it was a good show for you and that the weather this year was just the best!! Thank you for being such a gracious host for the blog party..what a great success!
    My very best

  25. Your booth is always one of my most favorite. I wish I could live there (well, minus the heat that we get at the Fall shows -lol)

    Just recently I gifted a vintage sofa to my sister that was the same color as yours. It was curved with ornate legs. Just a beautiful color. If only we'd known, we could've combined them and dressed a room =)

    Blessings... Polly

  26. What a yummy sofa!! I love the color! Your booth is beautiful!!

  27. So enjoyed my visit with you at Zapp! I have your feathers ready to mail, lost your address in the buying frenzie. Please email me with it so I can share them with you. I always enjoy your newsy blog!!!!!!!!jshillings@tisd.net luv, joyce

  28. Theresa, your booth looks ultra fabulous! That robin's egg blue sofa makes me positively swoon - love it! Oh, and everything else I can see too! So sad I missed coming out...

  29. your space is always so fabulous! it's just a happy place! i ooh and ahh at everything!!!


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