Wednesday, June 30, 2010

White Wednesday @ Leftover's

Welcome to another one of Kathleen's White Wednesday's and for this post I wanted to take you to one of favorite shops in Brenham Tx, Leftover's Antique Shop.  This past Saturday after the show, we stopped by to see their items they'd brought in, their awesome displays and just for some inspiration.  Tell me what you think:

The patina on these doors was just awesome as was this child's rocking horse.

A cute display.

I loved this wall of shelves.  Can you imagine having this in your house and the potential for it.

Looking for a tub, they had one, hanging up just for you.

I'll take this entire display, shoe and all.

Click on any of the pictures above to see more.  I hope you also head on over to Kathleen's blog and visit all the blogs participating in White Wednesday.  Also, be sure and check out the Leftover's blog.  Happy Wednesday to you all!


  1. The doors had me as soon as I clicked on your blog!! Love them! Love them! Love them! Your photos are great, stayed and looked through them for awhile!


  2. they are always just over the top aren't they? hope your show went well. chat soon.



  3. LOVE the doors! I have heard so much about this shop. Some day I will get to visit, and definately want to make a visit there! Thanks for the great photos.

    Take care, Sue

  4. Fabulous displays! I love those old doors! And that wall of shelves... oh my! I dream of having a whole wall of shelves to decorate in my home someday!! Happy White Wednesday!

  5. Oh, that picture with the doors and horse is amazing! about that tub?...looks kinda scary to me. Were all those mirrors on the wall for sale also? I'd be going nuts! I'm telling you again, you just have access to too many wonderful antiques....Yes, I'm jealous..
    Take Care,

  6. Most people go to Brenham for Blue Bell Homemade Vanilla ice cream...not us. We go for the vanilla home junk!

  7. Just love to cyber shop! So many beauties you captured. Such fun :0)

  8. Well it looks amazing.
    so much packed into to the space, I would be there forever looking at each and every piece.
    Just great!

  9. Wow! Leftovers looks sensational--great WW post! But the post of YOUR space at the Big Red Barn would have been a terrific WW post too! You sure had some great stuff and a fabulous looking display--glad you gave us a chance to see it! JQ

  10. Very Beautiful as always. BTW GiGi is doing better, thanks for your help.
    We puppy mom's gotta stick together.

  11. What a fabulous store. I need to get there someday. Places like this I could just browse through for hours. Their diplays are all wonderful.

    Hope that hurricane is giving you guys too much trouble.

    Stay safe.


  12. I am still Dizzy about that Wall of Shelves ~ Oh the Possibilities!

  13. Hi Theresa ~
    I Loooove your post!!! Leftover's is one of my favorite stops on our way to Austin from Houston!!! I could spend all day there just looking at all their wonderful displays!! From floor to ceiling!!
    Thank you so much for visiting my blog and your sweet comment :)) I'm pretty new to this blog stuff so each visitor and comment is like a little gift left just for me!!! So awesome!! :))
    I definitely plan to open a shop again one day. I'm just not sure when or where yet. Tomball has really changed. Even in just the last couple of years. It makes me sad to see all of the shops closing and the town changing so much (and not for the better.) I had several customers come into my shop and tell me that I needed to take my stuff to Marberger. At the time I had never been, so I went and checked it out. It is VERY nice, but I think Marberger is a little (pppshhhh... okay a WHOLE HECK OF A LOT MORE, LOL!!!) higher end than my stuff. I have been to Zapp Hall and I think I would fit in much better over there :)) Plus I think y'all probably have a lot more fun at Zapp Hall!! I would love to attend the Junk Gypsy Ball!! But for now an online shop is in the works, and I will be selling from my blog. That should be up and running by this weekend (if we don't loose power from hurricane Alex, lol!!) I am also looking into doing Urban Market and Canton.
    I just know I NEED to do this, LOL!
    Any suggestions??? I'm open :))
    Stop by anytime!!!
    ~ Michella ~
    ~ ~ xoxo ~ ~

  14. One of these days I'll make it to Leftovers! I see so much I love! I am really loving those doors with the horse! Looking forward to a visit! XO, Ann

  15. The white! And they are stacked full of goodies!


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