Tuesday, October 04, 2016

It's been a Fun Ride

I've had this blog going on 10 years this month and I've decided to take a new direction.  I'm changing my business name to Walker 1791 Architectural Salvage and Design.  I've created a new website: http://walkerhome1791.wixsite.com/wh1791 and Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Walker-Salvage-Design-774197332683099/.  I hope you'll go over and follow my new adventure.  My Instagram is staying the same, I just changed the profile info.

I decided to change because I felt that Garden Antqs Vintage no longer fit who I am now.  And besides I think change is good.  It causes you to learn new things, like creating a website among other things.

Walker 1791 is named after my family and the road I grew up on.  I hope you'll follow along on my new adventure.  I'll probably leave this blog up so that you can follow me on my new one.

I really am thankful for all that have followed me through the years and all the wonderful people I've met because I took a leap of faith and started blogging.  Thank you for your support these 10 years.  It's not over, just going down a new road.

Thank you so much for following: