Saturday, April 07, 2007

Favorite Shopping Destination

Leftover's Antiques in Brenham Texas has become one of my favorite shopping destinations. While we were there visiting this past week during the show week, I took these pictures. Every time we go I'm so inspired by their displays and the way they've taken something usual (as a shelf) and turned it completely the opposite way in an unusual way. You'll see what I mean by the shelves displayed above the bed, turned sideways! What a cleaver idea. We must have walked the store three or four times just to see all that they had, and I know we still didn't get to see it all. And, that's not counting the at least 3 times that we stopped there. If they were bottling and selling their talent, I'd buy some!! Hope you enjoy the new pictures of their shop.


  1. Oh Wow, I love this store, you are so lucky to go there. We are still planning a trip in october, you will have to give directions to this one. Thanks for the photo!

  2. AND....what did you bring home with you?

  3. OMgoodness! This store looks so incredible. I would love to do a bit of digging in there for sure! Great photos, they look like they have TONS of stuff. Thank you so much for your sweet Easter wish. I hope yours has been wonderful! Take care, Dawn

  4. I didn't really buy anything this time, but I always seem to manage to find something at their shop. I was just in awe at their displays!!


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