Monday, April 09, 2007

Show Stoppers

This past show was very different. The first night after I set up, it rained so hard that everything got wet and my tent top was in pieces, but luckily nothing was broken, despite the fact that we had strong winds. So, the next day was spent cleaning up and rearranging. This week not only did I get sunburned, then it turned cool, and to top it off it snowed on Saturday! Only in Texas can you feel all aspects of the weather. However, despite the weather the show was good. I met Chris Brown of Urban Prairie and he's very nice, not to mention talented. I also met back up with several dealer friends I made during the past show and wanted to feature their decorating talents.

The pictures above were of my space.

Donna from Harrisonville Missouri featured really nice ironstone, architectural items, and gardening items. She has a shop in her hometown called Carriage House Gardens and she's also located in another shop in Missouri. She will also set up at the Greenwood Antiques Show. Donna and I talked several times during the show and she's actually been to the Curious Sofa shop. She told me how wonderful Debbie's store was and I would love to visit it some day. Look for her next time at Zapp Hall or if you are in her area, contact her at: 816/380-3855.

These pictures were of Terri and Jana's space. They are from Tyler and always carry such unique items. They are very talented and feature framed botanicals, unique lamps, and one of a kind finds. Look for them next fall at Zapp.

Kim, her sister and Mother, display really neat items that they make from old doors, architectural items and wood, just repurposed. They live in Oklahoma, and can be found next fall at the show. To inquire about their unique items, contact them at

Of course, my husband found a treasure to add to his many old bike's he's collected:

See ya at the next show!!


  1. Hi!!
    Great looking vendors, all!!

    We'll be fairly close to Harrisonville this next weekend. Might see if we can get there! I'd love to check out Carriage House Gardens!

    Back Porch Musings

  2. LOVE the photos, Theresa!! Everything looks just so amazing, I do hope you sold tons. I would've loved to have been able to come. Keep sharing the photos though, at least I can drool over them....take care, Dawn :)

  3. Oh, what beautiful displays! I would have loved to have been there...that is my kind of show! I hope that it was a success, and that the next one will be as well!

  4. Pat-I'm sure Donna would love for you to stop by. I think she said she's in an Antique Shop in Greenwood Missouri. I changed her contact to her phone no., because her email still isn't working.
    Dawn-I drool over ya'lls shop every time I visit the blog!!
    Southern Heart-Maybe one day you'll visit the show. Thanks for stopping by. Have a good week to all.

  5. Thanks so much for sharing the photos, I really wish I could have come this time, however we will be there in October. I love all your goodies you had, hope you had a great show. I want an old bicycle so can I talk your hubbie out of one of his? I hope we get to meet when we get out there.


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